Comparison of PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro, which one do you want to buy?

PS5 Slim

Fans PlayStation, must have known about the rumors PS5 Slim which will be released in mid-2024. Well, of course you must have heard the news about the PS5 Pro which will be released at the end of 2024.

Console created by Sony always presents something new and becomes a hot topic of conversation for his fans.

Indeed, Sony will continue the tradition of developing and releasing their gaming consoles every generation for their players to always play.

During this development stage, of course Sony needed around 3 to 4 years to be able to produce a console with the best features and visuals that were very attractive, elegant and thinner than before.

As is known from various rumors circulating, the PS5 Slim turns out to be smaller, thinner and has updates based on chip fabrication technology.

However, there are also those who say that the PS5 Pro is more sophisticated and can provide resolution with a higher framerate.

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Difference between PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro

From rumors circulating, Sony plans to release the PS5 Slim at a price of $399.99 or around Rp. 6,131,984.65.

Meanwhile, the price for the PS5 Pro is around $499 or around Rp. 7,674,270.70. which you can buy later in 2024.

From the two Sony product consoles, you will provide information about several differences regarding the features that will be present on the consoles, so you can choose which one is best for you.

PS5 Slim

ps5 slim (3)
(Source: Tom's Guide)

According to Techradar, the following are the features found on the PS5 Slim. What do you think is interesting?


If you look at the visuals of the PS5 Slim circulating on the internet, many people actually predict that the size of this console will be smaller and very thin compared to the previous generation console.

When compared to the PS5, it turns out to be bigger and requires a lot of space to be able to store it vertically, so of course this is quite inconvenient for some people.

So, the PS5 Slim has reduced the weight by 300 grams from the current PS5 model. Apart from that, it is hoped that this console will still have a bigger and stronger console body.

This console apparently weighs 8.6 pounds, which means it is lighter than the PS3. So, perhaps it is not yet certain whether this console is really small, light and thin or whether it still has a design similar to the previous generation?


The hardware specifications on the PS5 Slim may still be similar to the original system, but the hardware will be thinner according to the model and size.

Of course, this is caused by the Die Shrink process, namely a board that is small and contains identical circuits with similar semiconductors.

Apart from that, there is an upgrade to the speed of the internal drive and reportedly it will feature a Removable Disc Drive feature.

Other Features

  • Uses advanced technology to provide the same specifications as the previous console, but in a smaller and thinner form.
  • It turns out that the PS5 Slim's competitor is the Microsoft Xbox Series S, which both has a resolution of 1440p, so the PS5 Slim has a native 4k output with a downscale to 1440.
  • Will prioritize compatibility similar to the Xbox Series S | X.

PS5 Pro

ps5 slim (1)
(Source: Digination)

According to Techradar, The following are the features found on the PS5 Pro. What are the features?


The design of the PS5 Pro will of course be bigger than the PS5 and Slim or PS4 and PS4 Pro. On the PS5, it looks very large and has curves on the sides and a very tall structure.

If you look at the PS5 Pro itself, its body will be thicker and this is balanced by the hardware contained in the console.


As we know, playing on PS5 can play 4K games from several available games with very real and luxurious visuals. The resolution provides 1080p to 4K resolution. However, the PS5 Pro actually wants to use 8K resolution.

The PS5 Pro uses an AMD Zen 4 CPU and RDNA-3 GPU, but Sony decided to use the Xbox One CPU version. So, maybe the PS5 Pro will use the GPU more than the CPU.

The PS5 Pro also uses SSD Gen 5. Apart from that, it also uses SSD NVME Gen 4 and uses a type of memory that is faster and not slow.

More features

Will use the DualSense Edge Controller which is the premium version of the regular PS5 Pro controller.

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Which one is better?

ps5 slim (4)
(Source: Nextren – Grid.ID)

If you have seen a comparison of the features between PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro, actually both have their own advantages.

However, if you really like thin visuals and a cheaper price, we recommend choosing the PS5 Slim.

Apart from having a thin visual design, it is of course also very suitable for those of you who are a simple person.

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That's the comparative information between PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro, what do you think about the differences between the two? And do you prefer PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro?

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