Want Sharp Gadget Visuals? AMOLED Screen Is the Solution!

Amoled Display is - Amoled Display

For smartphone or PC users who want to enjoy visual which is clearer and sharper, an Amoled screen is the solution that can be chosen.

AMOLED screens are a type of screen that has been widely used on various technological devices such as smartphones.

What is an AMOLED screen and its advantages compared to other screen types? Come on, see the complete review in the article below, OK!

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What is an AMOLED Screen?

Amoled displays are a great choice for sharp visuals
Difference between AMOLED and IPS screens. Source: Greg Salazar/Youtube

You may often see gadgets that have AMOLED screen specifications. AMOLED itself is an abbreviation of (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode), screen with organic material OLED panels made from organic diodes.

OLED itself is a technology a screen with a special panel that has organic elements and will emit light when powered by electricity.

The AMOLED screen consists of four parts with their respective functions. These parts are the Anode Layer, Cathode Layer, Middle Organic Layer, and Circuitry.

AMOLED screen layer
AMOLED screen layer. Source: Greg Salazar/Youtube

This type of screen is usually found on gadgets midrange to flagship. The following is a list of layers that Amoled has:

  • Anode Layers – Positive polar layer with the function of creating electron holes which later when the screen is electrified will remove electrons.
  • Cathode Layers – Positive pole layer with the function of injecting electricity when the screen is electrified. Depending on the type of OLED used, this layer can be transparent or not.
  • Middle Organic Layers – The organic layer is in the middle and is made of organic molecules. This layer has two parts, namely transmitter and distributor.
  • Circuitry – The bottom layer which functions as the base for the OLED screen is in the form of strands made of plastic, foil, glass and paper.

Gadgets with this screen have very sharp and clear visuals so they can make the screen display more lively and comfortable for the eyes.

Some examples smartphones with an AMOLED type screen is Samsung A52, Redmi Note 12 4G, Oppo Reno 6, and Infinix G1 10 Pro.

How Does AMOLED Screen Work

How AMOLED works
How AMOLED screens work. Source: Android Authority/Youtube

AMOLED screens are the result of development of OLED screens, this means that AMOLED contains a combination of pixels from OLED and TFT.

The flow of pixels in the AMOLED layer is controlled by two TFTs with different functions. The first TFT to start and end capacitor charging.

Meanwhile, the TFT media functions as a voltage source supply according to the level of tension required so that the flow in the screen has a constant amount.

After a matrix is formed from the emode layer elements, the electric current in both of them will activate the respective pixels and produce a visual image.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of AMOLED Screens

The advantage of an Amoled screen is that it is brighter
The advantages of Amoled screens compared to other screens. Source: Android Authority/Youtube

Just like other screen types, AMOLED also has its own advantages and disadvantages that potential buyers need to know. The following are the advantages of this screen:

  • The screen colors are bright and the color range is wider
  • The viewing angle feels wider
  • The power consumed is more efficient
  • Supports sharp resolution with a high screen refresh rate, making the device more responsive
  • Makes the device or gadget used thinner
  • Supports several features such as indisplays fingerprint and Face ID

The advantages of an AMOLED screen do look quite sophisticated and complete, but that doesn't mean this screen doesn't have disadvantages. The following are the disadvantages of AMOLED screens:

  • The price offered is more expensive
  • Has a higher chance of being damaged compared to gadgets with IPS screens
  • For some people, the visuals and colors displayed are considered excessive. For example, dark colors will become very dark and so will light colors

Before deciding on a gadget with AMOLED screen specifications, it would be a good idea for you to do a survey or go directly to the nearest gadget shop to see whether this screen suits your needs and desires.

If you are sure about choosing an AMOLED type gadget, then the next step is to decide budget that you will spend to propose to your favorite gadget.

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