BNB and BTC Prediction for Wednesday 3rd August 2022

This time, we will provide information about the BNB and BTC predictions for Wednesday 3 August 2022. This is based on VCGamers analysis.
Crypto Whitepaper - BNB Predictions
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We will provide predictions of BNB/USDT and BTC/USDT today, Wednesday 3 August 2022. This is based on VCGamers's analysis regarding the two crypto assets.

VCGamers conducted an analysis by looking at the BNB and BTC candlesticks for today.

How is the result? Let's see!

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BNB/USDT Analysis and Predictions

BNB predictions
BNB/USDT Analysis and Predictions for August 3, 2022.

VCGamers has two predictions related to the movement of BNB today. Of course this is based on different analysis and possibilities.

In the first prediction, buyers in the BNB market are seen to have made moves and then headed for resistance at the price of $288,- / $290,-.

If it can penetrate this resistance, it will head for the next resistance at the price of $298,- / $298,- / $311,- according to the technicals seen forming a Bullish Flag Pattern.

Furthermore, the second prediction, the movement of buyers is predicted only to aim at resistance at the price of $288,- / $290,-.

Then, the Seller will reject the Buyyer which will be pushed towards support at the price of $279,- / $277,- / $273,-.

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BTC/USDT Analysis and Predictions

BTC predictions
BTC predictions

Meanwhile, in the BTC market, within the 1 hour time frame, there is a possibility that buyers will move to resistance at the price of $23.115,- / $23.175,- / $23.368,-.

After reaching this resistance, the market is predicted to head for support at the price of $22.554,- / $22.111,- / $21.547,-.

This is because at price resistance $23.442, - the market has been rejected 7 times, indicating that the market is not strong enough to penetrate this resistance.

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These are the results of VCGamers's analysis of the two crypto assets. Of course, you can have both crypto assets by buying them at Decentralized Exchange and Centralized Exchange.

But you also have to know that crypto asset investment is a high-risk activity. You should do in-depth research before making a decision to buy or sell crypto assets.

Currently there are many crypto assets, ranging from coins and tokens. Always increase literacy to find out how the fundamentals of these crypto assets are.

This is to prevent it from happening rug pull or fraud in the crypto world.

For information, VCGamers has launched a crypto asset called $VCG Token in early January 2022.

Currently, the token from VCGamers is used as a medium of exchange in Indonesia's first metaverse, RansVerse.

This means that you can use tokens from VCGamers to buy and sell assets owned in the metaverse which stands for the collaboration of RANS Entertainment, Shita VR, VCGamers and UpBanx.

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