Best Paquito Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

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Today, VCGamers will return to discussing ML tips. Here are the best Paquito gameplay tips on Mobile Legends 2022 to be able to put it to good use.

Paquito Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a very strong Fighter type hero with a good set of Crowd Control, Blink, Buff, Burst and Mobility.

His first skill that gave him a shield played a big role in his defensive ability. His second skill is a dash skill that helps him avoid enemy skills. He is a very strong fighter in his early and mid stages due to his high damage. 

He doesn't have a one hit skill but instead he completely relies on his combos. 

In this guide, we'll take a look at the best Paquito gameplay in Mobile Legends 2022 so you can use it properly.

Gameplay Paquito MLBB

According to his skill casting ability, we can categorize him as a type of hero that is quite difficult to play. He is very strong in 1 on 1 situations.

According to Paquito's gameplay, we can divide it into three phases. Our Paquito Mobile Legends gameplay guide covers the perfect game plan to play ML pro player style.

Early Game

Gameplay Paquito
Early Game

When a fighter gets to the top lane/Exp, clear the first minion between the turrets. Then take the Lizard. At 45 seconds grab the little gold crab.

If your mid-laner provides support, attack enemy buffs, or return to your lane and clear the minions. Prioritize endless battle after buying boots (250 gold) and try using skill 1 on the enemy.

You have enormous damage in the early game, you don't need to be afraid of playing barbarians. Doing so you have to keep playing objectively by destroying the opponent's turret on the lane, also protecting the turret on the Exp Lane.

In the early game, be smart about using the first skill because it gives so much shield so you can really play 1 on 3. You can do the following skill combos to get a headstart as follows;

  • Skill 1 + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 
  • Skill 1+ Skill 1+ Skill 2+ Skill 3+ Skill 1

Mid Game

Gameplay Paquito
Mid Game

Mid Game is the main phase for Paquito's gameplay. Don't feed the enemy and don't waste skill 2 like other skills. Skill 2 is the main skill for dealing with escape/damage.

Try to master it to avoid all kinds of ganks. As an Offlaner your main task is to push the turret and every time 2/3 of the enemy heroes die, help your team to take the turtle.

Don't leave your lane wide open but if necessary do a quick rotation mid and help your carry to get kills. You can do this skill for profit.

  • Skill 3+ Skill 3+ Skill 2+ Skill 1+ Skill 3 
  • Skill 3+ Skill 2+ Skill 2+ Skill 1

Late Game

Gameplay Paquito
Late Game

The weakness of this hero is getting Burst or Crowd Control. So try to play it safe in this late phase.

Her ultimate gives 2 stacks instant so cast and then enhanced skills become available. Try the ADR enemy gang first, once the enemy is hit by Double Ultimate they can't move.

Don't play this hero as the initiator instead it's trying to lure the enemy to the team and then utilize the shield and kill that enemy.

  • Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 1

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You have to frequently roam to help the team that is in war, kill as many opposing heroes as you can. Even so, you have to keep playing objectively in order to win the game, destroy as many enemy turrets as possible and kill the Lord while you have the chance.

Paquito's skill has a short range which makes him weak in teamfight abilities like he can't even catch up to a champion like Kimmy.

Even though his ultimate can hit many enemies, even though his skill 1 and skill 2 are difficult to hit several targets at once. The side by side is a complete skill based hero which means you need to learn the combos to use them properly. He's not as easy as Alucard but not as difficult as Chou.

But his skill CD is too short so you can spam often to get kills easily but also remember skill 1 is his only defense and he is vulnerable to enemy CC. But if you are a Chou user or like playing as a fighter, this is a worthy investment. 

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These Paquito gameplay tips will definitely help in guiding easy wins with him in Mobile Legends. 

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