Overwatch Crossplay, Play on Different Platforms Made Easy!

Overwatch Crossplay

The Overwatch crossplay feature is now available in Overwatch 2 to make it easier for players on different platforms to play together.

This game released by Blizzard Entertainment has gameplay 5v5 battles set in the future. There are more than 30 character unique that you can play in this game.

What is the crossplay feature and how to enable it in Overwatch 2? Check out the explanation below

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Overwatch 2 Crossplay Features

Overwatch 2 Crossplay Features
Overwatch's Crossplay feature. Source: PlayOverwatch/Youtube

What is the Crossplay feature? Crossplay is a feature that allows players to play games online real-time with other players even though using a different platform.

As we know, Overwatch 2 was released for various platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows.

Now you don't need to have the same video game platform as your friend to play.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced plans for this crossplay feature since last year and after receiving many requests from Overwatch fans, this feature is now available in Overwatch 2.

How Crossplay Works in Overwatch 2

How Overwatch Crossplay Works
How Crossplay Works in Overwatch. Source: PlayOverwatch/Youtube

This feature can be used for all game modes in Overwatch 2 except mode Competitive. In this game mode, players will be divided into two groups depending on the system they use, namely video game consoles and PCs.

In order to remain balanced, users of the PC platform and other video game consoles will not be grouped together in fashion Competitive.

How to Enable Overwatch Crossplay

How to Enable the Crossplay Feature
How to Enable the Crossplay Feature. Source: PlayOverwatch/Youtube

How do I enable the crossplay feature in Overwatch? Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the site battle. net
  2. Login to the account you have created. If not, create a new account first
  3. Go to the account settings menu
  4. You will see a menu Connections
  5. In this section you will see an option to activate the connection that will connect to your game console
Crossplay Overwatch Battle Net
Battle Net Site To Enable Crossplay Feature in Overwatch. Source: PlayOverwatch/Youtube

After the above process is complete, now you have to connect your video game console to the Battle.net account that was created. Here's how:

  1. Reload the game on the video game console and wait for the initial screen to appear.
  2. You will see an alpha-numeric code and a QR code
  3. If you are using a numeric code, go to web blizzard.com/link. You can also choose to use a smartphone to scan the QR code
  4. Once done, return to your Battle.net account to confirm that your device is connected
  5. Wait a moment until you receive a notification telling you that the connection process is complete.

You can freely play this game with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

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