Valorant Characters from Different Countries, Who's the Best?

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Valorant has good characters for each player. However, the mention of this Valorant character is slightly different, in this game they are referred to as agents.

Riot Games as a developer Valorant who released the game in 2020 and it turns out that this game is quite popular today.

Maybe for those who don't know Valorant, when it was released, this game only had 11 agents, you know. However, it is a shame that only 5 agents can play.

From the characters or agents available there, so far there have been 20 characters from various countries.

So, in this article, we will discuss 20 Valorant agents from various countries and who is the best?

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All Valorant Characters & Their Country Of Origin

valorant characters (2)
Agent Valorant (Source: Boosting Factory)

It should be noted that just like other games, Valorant also has agents with different stories or knowledge as well as personalities that are highlighted in these agents.

Of course, every Valorant agent has different skills. In this article, we will introduce you to 20 Valorant agents from each country and their skills.

Reported from afkgaming, here are the 20 agents based on their country of origin. This can also be used as a recommendation agent choice what you can use, you know!


This Brimstone has the nickname Liam Byrne released in 2020. He is a Controller type character. This one agent comes from the United States, you know!

He has the skill to fire very quickly at his enemies with his Stim Beacon.

The Incendiary also helps to give molly grenades to opponents so they can damage opponents.

Then, Orbital Strike is one of his best skills, namely giving orbital attacks to opponents who are caught in the area he chooses.


This one agent is quite well-known for his best skill, namely his Paranoia which can make opponents become visually impaired and deaf.

With the skill From the Shadow (Ultimate), he can teleport wherever he wants. At times he can turn into a shadow and thwart his enemy from teleporting.


A beautiful agent whose full name is Sabine Callas from the United States, you know!

Viper has the best skill, namely Poison Cloud which can make the enemy sick every time.

Apart from that, he with the skill Toxic Screen & Viper's Pit (Ultimate) can reduce the enemy's vision and make them sick.


The fourth Valorant character comes from Brazil, you know, Tayane Alves or commonly called Raze who is a Duelist.

He has the ability to lock his enemies so they don't leave with his Boom Bot and he also has the ability to throw grenades at enemies with his Paint Shells.


Next is Amir El Amari or who is usually called Cypher. He comes from Morocco, you know!

He has the Cyber Cage skill that can block his enemy's vision and play audio cues when his enemy passes by.

Apart from that, the Spycam skill can find out enemy information and can find out the location of the enemy.


One agent originating from China is Li Ying Wei or often called Sage. He is a Valorant agent of the Sentinel type. She is very beautiful and her ability is not kidding, you know.

With a Barrier Orb that can grant and rotate walls. Apart from that, he has Orb Slow which can slow down enemy movements.


Sasha Novikov or Sova from Russia is an agent who can reveal enemy locations. Of course, he is a Valorant agent of the Initiators type.

All skills on average can guess where the enemy is and can deal damage to the enemy.


Jamie Adeyemi or commonly called Phoenix is a Valorant agent from Great Britain or England and he is a Duelist Valorant agent.

With his Blaze skill, he can lose sight and can damage enemies. As well as the skill Run it Back (Ultimate) has the ability that he cannot be killed by enemies.


Sunwoo Han or Jett from South Korea is a Valorant agent of the Duelist type who can kill enemies with his dagger. So cool, right?


Erik Torsten or Breach from Sweden. He also has the ability to blind enemies with his Flashpoint skill. He is a type of Initiator in Valorant.

And he also has the Aftershock skill which can deal more damage to walls that block him.


Zyanya Mondragón or called Reyna is from Mexico and is a duelist. He can make his enemies nearsighted with his Leer skill.

Apart from that, Soul Harvest (Passive) can make the enemy die for 3 seconds and leave the Soul Orb.

With his Empress (Ultimate), he can increase his shots and his speed is very high.


Klara Böhringer or commonly known as Killjoy, she comes from Germany, you know and she is also a Valorant character of the Sentinel type.

With his superior skill, namely Nanoswarm to throw grenades and try to damage the surroundings. As well as his Lockdown (Ultimate) can hold all the enemies he traps.


Kirra Foster or Skye is a beautiful Valorant character from Australia. He has a very unique ability, you know! And, he is also an Initiator type agent in Valorant.

His Trailblazer skill is capable of dealing damage and concussion to his enemies, with this he summons a predator and can control it himself.

He also has the Seeker skill (Ultimate) which can track and make enemies experience nearsightedness.


Ryo Kiritani is a Valorant agent who is a Duelist in Valorant and hails from Japan.

With his best skill, namely Dimensional Drift (Ultimate), which causes him to enter a different dimension and he cannot be seen by enemies, so it is unlikely that he will be difficult to destroy by enemies.


Efia Danso or known as Astra is a Valorant agent from Ghana, she is a Controller in Valorant.

With his Gravity Well, he will attract enemies in the area and make enemies trapped there.


He is one of the Initiators in Valorant. Aside from that, he also has the ability to blind enemies with his Flash/Drive skills.

The Zero/Point skill owned by KAY/O is capable of throwing knives all over the surface so that enemies within its radius cannot use their skills.


Vincent Fabron or how he is called Chamber is one of the Sentinel type agents and comes from France.

Trademark he can confuse the enemy and slow down the enemy's movement. Apart from that, Tour De Force (Ultimate) uses weapons to kill enemies.


Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez or Neon is a Valorant agent from the Philippines, she is also a Duelist.

With his Fast Lane, he is able to shoot at enemies at a short distance and can reduce the enemy's vision.


Hazal Eyletmez or Fade is from Turkey. He's one of the Initiators in Valorant, you know.

With his Seizer skill, he can make enemies stuck for 4.5 seconds and can make enemies deaf and rot.


Varun Batra or Harbor is a Valorant agent as a Controller, he's from India you know!

With his Cascade, he can penetrate walls and slow down his enemies' movements.

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Who is the Best Valorant Character?

valorant characters (3)

So far, the best Valorant character is Killjoy. With his best skills to do damage, he is even the strongest agent in Sentinel.

Apart from that, this Killjoy can damage enemies with its strength and can block the enemy's path.

It is from Killjoy's ability that it is very difficult for his enemies to destroy him in Valorant.

That way, Killjoy is highly recommended for those of you who want to play Valorant.

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So, those are the 20 Valorant characters. is Killjoy your choice now? Top Up Valorant Points for your game needs only at VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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