One Piece Manga Chapter 1112 Release Schedule

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Eiichiro Oda as the creator of the One Piece manga, he announced a hiatus. This had an impact on the One Piece manga chapter 1112 which had to be postponed.

The hiatus period began when chapter 1111 was officially released. Well, maybe this makes fans wonder about the release schedule.

Via manga site Shueisha Plus, it was announced that chapter 1112 will be released on April 21, 2024.

However, this time could be more flexible and the release schedule for the next chapter of One Piece could change at any time. What is the reason behind the manga's delay?

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Reasons why One Piece Manga Chapter 1112 was postponed

One Piece 1112 postponed - One Piece Manga
One Piece Manga. Source: Shueisha Manga Plus

Many fans are wondering about the reasons behind the delay in releasing chapter 1112. Various speculations including the mangaka's health are also widely discussed.

Then, what's the reason? manga One Piece Chapter 1112 postponed? Even though there has been no official announcement regarding the reason for the postponement, it seems like Eiichiro Oda just wanted to take a break.

This is associated with the Golden Week period in Japan. Golden Week itself is a long holiday period which is a combination of many national holidays at once.

Not only Oda, Weekly Shonen Jump as the publisher of the One Piece manga will also take a break from April 29 to May 5 2024 after chapter 1112 is released later. Here is the timeline:

  • One Piece Chapter 1111 – March 25, 2024
  • One Piece Chapter 1112 – April 21, 2024
  • One Piece Chapter 1113 – 05 May 2024
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One Piece Manga Chapter 1112 Leaked Speculation

One Piece 1112 postponed
One Piece Chapter 1111. Source: Shueisha Manga Plus

In chapter 1111, Mars managed to break into the Labophase location Vegapunk carry out research projects and store the results of the research.

On the other hand, Jinbe and Zoro fled back towards the Thousand Sunny. Lucci then told Mars about this.

Luffy also meets Dorry and Broggy, both of whom say Luffy has similarities to the god from the Elbafs legend.

One Piece 1112 postponed - Dorry and Broggy
Dorry and Broggy. Source: Shueisha Manga Plus

They also told him about the plan where Dorry and Broggy would go and escape to where the Straw Hat Pirates were.

Dorry then took out a trumpet and sounded it as a signal to the other giants that their captain had been found luffy and it's time to step back.

Knowing this, Warcury tried everything to prevent Luffy from leaving by attacking them. The attack was repelled by Dorry and Broggy's shields.

One Piece 1112 postponed - Dorry and Broggy block Warcury's attack
Dorry and Broggy block Warcury's attack. Source: Shueisha Manga Plus

On the other hand, the Navy received information about the appearance of something much larger than a giant in the northwestern coastal area.

Even though it was attacked by fire, the figure did not flinch. Turns out, he was the Iron Giant who then muttered an apology to Joy Boy.

One Piece 1112 postponed - The appearance of the Iron Giant
The appearance of the Iron Giant. Source: Shueisha Manga Plus

The story prediction in the upcoming manga chapter 1112 may still feature the escape attempts of the two pirate teams.

Interestingly, the figure of the Iron Giant also suddenly reappears and may later take a role in helping the Straw Hat Pirates and the Giant Pirates in their escape.

Iron Giant himself is a legendary robot that attacked Mary Geoise around 200 years ago. This robot was actually created in the Void Century, 900 years ago.

This robot then became inactive after running out of energy and was then stored in Egghead.

So, that's the article about the delay in the release of One Piece manga chapter 1112. Who can't wait to read the next chapter?

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