9 Facts about One Piece Villain Arlong Who Was Born as a Result of Discrimination

Arlong One Piece Character

Arlong is the antagonist One Piece which was born as a result of the past discrimination he experienced. He is a powerful enemy who was once defeated by luffy at the beginning of the One Piece story broadcast. 

This antagonist belongs to a race of fish people who become stronger when fighting in water. 

On this occasion, the author will review 9 facts about Arlong, the criminal who was born because of discrimination. 

Are you curious about interesting facts and stories of discrimination? Just take a look at the following discussion!

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Arlong is a Victim of Discrimination 

Arlong collapsed
Arlong lost to Luffy

This antagonist cannot be viewed from just one point of view to judge him as a villain.

The hatred, cruelty and discrimination he experienced in the past have led him to become a complex and tragic figure. 

Even though his motives are understandable, they cannot justify his cruel actions. He was born as a fish man, he was often insulted, ridiculed and even beaten for no apparent reason.

From there, the seeds of hatred emerged which became even more fertile when he had to see his role model, Fisher Tiger, die by humans. 

Even though he lost to Luffy, Arlong is a strong antagonist

Arlong vs Luffy Live Action
One Piece Live Action Scenes. Source: YouTube

Even though he had to be eliminated from the start of One Piece because he didn't have to deal with the main character. In fact, this evil pirate captain is a character who cannot be underestimated. 

He has very strong physical strength and can even lift ships easily. His fighting ability also becomes stronger when fighting in water.

In fact, even though fighting on land, fish people like Arlong do have combat power that is ten times stronger than ordinary humans like Luffy.

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Cruel Pirate Leader 

Arlong and Tim
Arlong and Tim. Source: One Piece Wiki Fandom

Arlong is the leader of a group of pirates. As a pirate, he was a very cruel figure because he often terrorized coastal villages. 

This fishman is the person responsible for the death of his adoptive mother Nami as well as all forms of torture that befell Nami. 

During his time as a pirate, Arlong and his crew loved killing innocent people, robbing and extorting Cocoyasi village  

As a pirate who lives in Cocoyasi Village, he also acts authoritarian towards the residents there. He implemented unfair tribute payments and threatened humans who did not comply.

He did all this for the sake of revenge for the treatment of humans who enslaved his people and the death of Fish Tiger who was killed by humans. 

However, the way he oppressed the people in Cocoyasi Village was a vengeful move. There is no justification for any of his actions that justify violence and cruelty. 

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Arlong's Fate Is Unknown 

Bounty Poster Arlong, Krieg and Buggy
Bounty Posters. Source: One Piece WIki Fandom

After Luffy managed to defeat him and free Cocoyashi Village from the clutches of evil pirates, Arlong disappeared. Where he went and what his fate was after the battle is still a mystery in the One Piece story. 

It is possible that this cruel character managed to escape from prison thanks to the help of Hody Jones, another fishman character. However, today only Oda Sensei knows about its existence. 

Once fought against Kizaru

Kizaru. Source: Mr. Morj

Before losing to Luffy and disappearing from the One Piece civilization, Arlong once fought against Kizaru.

PHis meeting with Kizaru took place when Arlong felt hurt and wanted revenge against the Navy. 

This desire for revenge arose because the Navy was largely responsible for the murder of Fisher Tiger, his idol character. 

He was really battered by Kizaru's beating at that time. From this defeat, motivation emerged to establish a pirate group to attack humans.

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A Hero for His People 

Arlong in the fight
Fishman Hero. Source: One Piece Wiki FAndom

Arlong really wants a fair world for fish people. Unfortunately, he fought for the rights of his people in the wrong way. 

However, this is the complexity of Arlong's character. The motivation to fight for the rights of people of his race at first glance has closed fans' eyes from appreciating Arlong. 

After all, he was a hero to his people. He once fought an all-out battle on the Grand Line to save the fishmen from cruel slavery. 

Then Arlong Park in East Blue is a place he built so that fish people can live safely and peacefully.

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Most Hated Antagonist

One Piece Character Koala. Source: Youtube J Lisley Writes

Arlong is a very cruel character, he has made the lives of Nami and all the villagers suffer.

Unlike his friends Jinbe and Fish Tiger, Arlong does not want to be friends with humans at all. 

This was proven when Arlong objected to Koala's presence because he was human. Even though the members of the Sun Pirates consider Koala a friend. Due to his attitude, Arlong became the antagonist most hated by One Piece fans.

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Arlong Looks Scary

Arlong's horrified face
One Piece Fishman's Horrified Look. Source: Onepiece WIki Fandom

Arlong's appearance could be said to be scary, not like the usual fish man. But his appearance with a long nose and sharp teeth perfectly suits the evil role he plays. 

The character design has a lot of details, starting from the tattoos on his face and the side of his body which depict in detail that he is a fishman. 

Some One Piece fans think that this fishman has an appearance that is too scary for children.

Meanwhile, other fans think that the appearance of this antagonist is too much like a common sea monster. 

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One of the Popular Antagonists

Popular antagonist
The Most Popular Antagonist

Even though he was eliminated in the early stages of the One Piece anime journey, Arlong remains the most popular antagonist. This fishman's extraordinary strength makes him a man One Piece characters which is unforgettable. 

Apart from that, the power struggle scene between the fish man and the rubber man is an interesting and unforgettable part of this antagonistic character. 

Not only in terms of fighting, the thing that makes Luffy's opponent the most popular One Piece character is because he has an influence on the development of the main characters.

This antagonist character has a big impact on the development of Nami and Usopp. This fishman succeeded in traumatizing Nami and awakening Usopp's determination to train to become even stronger. 

The meeting of the Arlong pirate group with Luffy and his friends is an important moment in the One Piece series. 

The story of Arlong, one of the antagonists of the One Piece anime, has taught humans to stay away from all discriminatory actions. Arlong is a real product of a discriminatory social structure. 

Bullying and discriminatory behavior will only give birth to new monsters like Arlong. Let us stop this cycle of hatred and build a more tolerant and just world.

Arlong is a clear example of how discrimination can give birth to tragedy. Don't let that tragedy happen again!

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