Tom Bombadil, An Important Character From The Lord of The Rings World!

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil is an important figure in the world of LOTR or Lord of The Rings. He can be considered as the guardian of balance in the middle world from Sauron's influence.

There are many interesting facts about Tom Bombadil's life. This is because he never appeared once in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings film tilogy.

Moreover, his power in Middle-Earth could rival Gandalf. Many LOTR legends say that he is the oldest creature there.

He was born at the same time that the ancient shoots of the elk tree first grew, and also the hail that covered Middle-Earth.

This article will specifically discuss Tom Bombadil's life story and also facts that are rarely known. Without further ado, read this article till the end to find out the facts. Check it out!

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Get to know Tom Bombadil and his role in the world of Lord of the Rings

Tom Bombadil in Blue Suit
Tom Bombadil in Blue Suit. (Source: IGN/Google) 

Tom is a jovial creature of Middle-Earth, depicted as the guardian of balance there.

He was never interested in the dispute between the Elves and Sauron, or the gold ring that was fought over.

He first appeared in the books of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the famous British writer who wrote the trilogy of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Tom is in the first book, which is called “The Fellowship of The Ring”. Old Tom, lived and grew up in the forest "The Old Forest" which is adjacent to Withywindle. West of the Middle-Earth region, which is included in The Shire area.

JRR Tolkien wrote Tom's story as a unique and strange character, because Tom was not affected by the power of Sauron's ring.

When he met the Hobbit and tried to put a ring on his ring finger, Tom didn't disappear like other LOTR characters.

His love for nature gave him the nickname "Master of Wood, Water and Hill". Tom is a very difficult figure to describe. He just loves living in Middle-Earth with his family, and being able to eat fresh fruit.

There is no intention from the bottom of his heart to interfere with other world problems, even though Tom himself has an eccentric relationship with Frodo.

Tolkien himself never described Tom excessively. He only put "cheerfulness" in his character.

The Power That Tom Has

Lord of The Rings
Lord of The Rings. (Source: Bloomberg/Google) 

Tom will never be able to compete with the strength of Gandalf who is a Maia. A spiritual being, like the Valar.

He also does not have special powers from high level magic. However, Tom can control nature according to his heart. Apart from that, he also has immunity to dark magic.

The proof is that Tom was not affected in the slightest by the effects of Sauron's ring. Not only that, he can communicate with the nature around him to seek protection.

Why Isn't Tom in the Trilogy?

LOTR Brother
LOTR Brother. (Source: Bloomberg/Google)

Even though he has an important role in the novel, Tom's character never appears in the film.

This is because the director, Peter Jackson, was unable to portray his character as well as Tolkien in the novel.

He also admitted that the character Tom Bombadil was a big challenge to adapt into film, because of his unique characterization.

The density of the story is also one of the main factors, because the duration of the Lord of the Rings film is already very long, it is considered that it is no longer able to accommodate Tom's story in it.

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