The Cause of Kurama's Death in Naruto's Body

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Maybe for those who often watch anime Boruto: The Next Generation, you also know that Kurama is dead and no longer coexists with Naruto.

A fight between Naruto Uzumaki and Isshiki Otsutsuki had been at the moment when Naruto entered Baryon mode.

In this battle, Nartuo was able to make Isshiki Otsutsuki die by relying on Kurama's full strength.

In this article, we will discuss the cause of Kurama's death in Naruto's body apart from Baryon Mode.

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Kurama (Source: Reddit)

In the anime Naruto and Boruto, Kurama or what is known as Kyūbi is a Bijuu or nine-tailed fox monster.

The Kyūbi was sealed into Naruto's body by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Kurama became the most feared and respected Bijuu because of his enormous strength.

Initially Kyubi really hated humans. However, the more he came here, he always connected with Naruto and became a strong partner.

On the other hand, his character is very wise and supportive, especially towards Naruto and his family.

As you can see, its appearance resembles a giant fox which has 9 orange tails and red eyes.

Kurama's abilities come from his Chakra and fast regeneration abilities. His strongest strength is the Bijuu Rasengan attack which is a combined technique of Naruto's Chakra and the power of the Bijuu Kurama.

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Why Kurama Died

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Kurama and Naruto (Source: IGN/Google)

The following is the reason why Kurama died in Naruto's body in the anime Boruto: The Next Generation, just take a look below!

Baryon Mode

When Naruto almost died when fighting Isshiki, Kurama told Naruto a secret, namely Baryon Mode.

So, with Baryon Mode, the Jinchuriki will use all his chakra and resonate with a new form. However, he also emphasized that the consequence is that if the chakra runs out it can have fatal consequences.

Bijuu Chakra Disappears

Baryon Mode makes the Bijuu in the Jinchuriki's body use all its chakra so that the energy will disappear or die.

Fight Strong Enemies

In battles against very strong enemies or using techniques that rely heavily on energy and strength, Kurama is forced to use full chakra to finish off his enemies.

Sacrifice of Life

If Kurama wants to close the chakra leak from Naruto's serious injury, he must sacrifice his life to protect Naruto.

Kurama Can Come Back to Life

Please note that these Bijuu cannot die, of course they need time to get their chakra back intact.

Therefore, of course Kurama is not really dead, it is possible that he can come back to life after all the Biju elements and chakra are formed again.

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