The most complete collection of Resident Evil 4 cheats for PS2 2023

Resident Evil 4 PS2 Cheats

Do you want to reminisce by playing games Resident Evil 4? So, to make your playing experience more enjoyable, you can try using Resident Evil 4 PS2 cheats.

Among fans of this game, Resident Evil 4 is considered the best game series among the others.

For this reason, it is not surprising that many fans of this game are looking for Resident Evil 4 cheats to play on PS2.

So, for that reason, we will summarize the most complete Resident Evil 4 PS2 cheats in this article. 

Come on, see the full explanation below!

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Resident Evil 4 PS2 Cheats

Resident Evil 4 PS2 Cheats
Leon Scott Kennedy. Source: Siliconera

The following is a collection of cheats that you can play in the Resident Evil 4 game:

Resident Evil 4 Gameplay Cheats

  • Full Blood: R1, R2, L1, L2, X, X, Triangle
  • Unlimited Weapons: X, R2, R2, L1, L2, R1
  • Number of Bullets Becomes 999: Press R1+R2, then press R3+L3
  • Buging: Press R1+R2, then press R3+L3
  • Adventure Mode with Leon Characters: Triangle, Square, R1, X
  • Make Ashley Use a Shotgun: L1+L2+R1, then press R2

The way to use this cheat is quite easy, you only need to stop (pause) the game, then enter the cheat code.

Resident Evil 4 Money Cheats

To get unlimited money in Resident Evil 4, you have to go to the ballroom after exiting the sewer to the castle.

There, you will find a group of monks performing sacrifices. You can throw a grenade into the room to kill them all before they escape.

Apart from that, you can also sell the spinel you drop for 2000 PTAS.

How to Unlock All Characters in Resident Evil 4

  • Mercenaries Mode and Secret Characters: Beat the main game once at any level.
  • Unlock Ada Wong character mode: Get a 4 star rank in The Pueblo.
  • Unlock Jack Krauser character mode: Get a 4 star rank in The Castle.
  • Unlock Hunk character mode: Get a 4 star rank on Island Commando Base.
  • Unlock Albert Wesker character mode: Get a 4 star rank in The Waterworld

How to Unlock All Weapons in Resident Evil 4

  • Chicago Typewriter: Complete Separate Ways.
  • Unlimited Ammo Rocket Launcher: Complete the main game once.
  • Mathilda Handgun: Complete the main game once.
  • PRL 412 Laser Cannon: Complete the main game at Professional level, this weapon can be upgraded with unlimited ammunition.
  • Infinite Hand Cannon: In Mercenaries Mode, all characters get a 5 star ranking in each area.

How to Unlock Additional Costumes

  • Get special costumes from the characters Ada, Leon, and Ashley: Complete the main game once.
  • Unlocks the Knight costume of the character Ashley: Complete Separate Ways Mode.
  • Get the gangster costume from the character Leon: Complete Separate Ways Mode.
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Is it Safe to Use Resident Evil 4 Cheats on PS2?

Resident Evil 4 PS2 Cheats
Ashley Graham. Source: Youtube/Resident Evil

If you feel worried about using this cheat, that's actually a normal feeling. But this cheat is safe for you to use when playing Resident Evil 4 on PS2.

Because basically this cheat is almost the same as GTA cheat, where the cheat is designed to provide replay value to the player.

With this explanation, it can be said that using cheats in this game will not harm anyone.

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