Monsters in the Game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are games RPGs popular made by Capcom. As the title suggests, this game takes the theme of monster hunting.

As the newest game series, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak presents various types of monsters, both new monsters that have never appeared in the previous game series, as well as legendary monsters from previous game series.

So, for those of you who are curious about what types of monsters are in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, let's take a look at the following review!

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Monster Hunter Sunbreak
Malzeno. Source: IGN

Malzeno is a new type of Elder Dragon with a bat-like appearance because it was inspired by vampire

This monster can cause Bloodblight, a new status effect that will drain a hunter's HP while limiting their recovery. 

And when a hunter attacks a monster in a situation like this, they will regain HP proportional to the amount of damage dealt.

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Almudron Magma

Monster Hunter Sunbreak
Almudron Magma. Source: Game Rant

Magma Almudron has expertise in using his tail to spread magma to the ground.

Apart from that, he can also dig into hot volcanic soil which can cause some parts of his body to heat up. 

And he can also hold magma balls with his tail like he usually holds mud balls.

Shogun Ceanatur

Shogun Ceanatur
Shogun Ceanatur. Source: Game Rant

The Shogun Ceanataur can shoot high-pressure water streams from its shell. 

In addition, he can also climb walls and ceilings, and can extend and retract his scythe-like claws.

Shogun Ceanataur has a strange defense technique, namely with his own urine. 

Where when hanging from the ceiling, he will spray his urine at their enemies from there.

Shogun Ceanataur has physical characteristics where its body is covered with a blue carapace, its head is long and knife-shaped, and it has a pair of long antennae.

Apart from that, he also has folding claws that can be used like a scythe.

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Lunagaron. Source: Screen Rant

Lunagaron is a new species of Fanged Wyvern and has a physical form like a wolf, because it is inspired by werewolves. 

He uses ice to protect himself.

Because it was inspired by werewolves, Lunagaron can change shape to stand on its hind legs.

Lunagaron is very agile and easily climbs and jumps off walls and boulders. 

He is also agile enough to carry out several attacks using his front legs accompanied by acrobatic movements.


Seregios. Source: IGN

Seregios is a type of Bipedal Wyvern that is medium sized and covered in sparkling gold scales. 

There are red marks on his face, the marks are around his eyes and continue along his body.

Seregios' head has a single horn with a backward curve. 

The feet are Zygodactyl in nature, with two toes facing forward and two toes facing backward.

Seregios can shoot its pen-like scales at hunters, and can also use its strong legs and claws to slash and catch prey.

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Garangolm. Source: Dexerto

Garangolm is a giant Fanged Beast that resembles a gorilla. Its back is covered by a thick, green and brown shell.

Meanwhile, the head is also protected by the same shell, forming a giant crown and chin plate. 

Apart from having extraordinary strength and a hard body, Garangolm is also able to secrete sap from his body which can accelerate plant growth.

This can cause various plants to grow all over his body, and allows him to use the elements of fire and water simultaneously.

Apart from that, Garangolm can also use the sap it emits to harden its body or the soil around it.

When angry, Garangolm's right hand will burn, while his left hand will grow moss that drips water. This will cause Fireblight and Waterblight.

Daimyo Hermitaur

Monster Hunter Sunbreak
Daimyo Hermitaur. Source: IGN

Daimyo Hermitaur has a large body like a crab. This monster is covered in a red and white carapace, and wears a Monoblos skull as a protective shell. 

Daimyo Hermitaur also has wide, shield-like claws and long antennae.

He can use these claws as a shield to defend himself from enemies.

Apart from that, he also uses his claws to dig into the ground which is then used to attack enemies from below. 

Daimyo Hermitaur can also shoot large jets of water under pressure, as well as destroy enemies using his large body size.

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So, those are several types of monsters in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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