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Potterhead, or as Harry Potter fans are called, must have anticipated the release games This Harry Potter at the start of its release quarter games year 2022.

Harry Potter game entitled Hogwarts Legacy which has been discussed some time ago, on March 17, 2022 yesterday released a video gameplay on Playstation State of Play. 

This was welcomed and added to the enthusiasm of players to play quickly games the.

Stories and mysteries that are presented in games This latest Harry Potter will certainly be different from games previously like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery or Harry Potter: Wizard Unite.

Like what games will this be presented? Check out this article for the latest information about games This Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy.

Game Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy

harry potter hogwarts legacy game
Hogwarts Legacy Main Characters

The popularity of the story of the world of wizards (Wizard and Witch) by renowned writer JK Rowling seems to have never faded.

Even though the film and novel have been finished for some time, they are still various platforms others present various content regarding the journey of Harry and his friends.

Various games Harry Potter released by the developers games To spoil Harry Potter fans..

You must have imagined what it's like to be a Wizard or Witch, use a broomstick, learn Spells, and of course study at the famous Hogwarts school of magic.

Although some games Harry Potter failed to live up to player expectations, but Hogwarts Legacy is games Harry Potter that you must try.

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Game Concept Story Hogwarts Legacy

harry potter hogwarts games

Tells about Hogwarts in the late 1800s, Harry Potter will no longer be the main character, but you will be the star in games this.

main story games This Harry Potter is that you are a new student entering grade 5, or almost the final level of school at Hogwarts.

You will have a special power that is ancient magic (ancient magic) that had been hidden in the world of Wizards for a long time.

Your main task is to protect the wizard world by using this magic. 

You also have to know all the mysteries behind ancient magic and the villains who are trying to get the power to destroy the world of Wizards.

Game Harry Potter presented with the concept of RPG action open world In this game, you will learn various things to prepare yourself to become a powerful wizard and fight against the final enemy by studying at Hogwarts.

The enemies that are presented are also very new and have never been in the work or before games Harry Potter before. 

It is reported that the Harry Potter writer, namely JK Rowling, was not involved in making this story from Hogwarts Legacy, but the essence of games Harry Potter is still oriented to the author's work.

 Because of this, maybe we will get a new story that is more refreshing and has never been discussed before.

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Hogwarts Legacy Release Time

harry potter games released
Hogwarts Legacy Released In RPG Concept

Hogwarts Legacy is planned to be released on a multiplatform basis which means all players can play on a free console according to what they have.

The platforms that will be used are PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows via Steam, and the latest thing that has been confirmed is that you can also play it on the Nintendo Switch.

Although it has been confirmed that it will be released on Steam, it is not yet known whether Hogwarts Legacy will be compatible with Valve's newest console, Steam Deck.

Regarding the Hogwarts Legacy release date, both Warner Bros Games and Avalanche Software have not confirmed when games it will be released.

But it is certain that it will be released in 2022 or you could say during the 2022 holiday season.

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Hogwarts Legacy Features and Gameplay

Gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy was just discussed in the Playstation State of Play Youtube video which was released on March 17 2022 yesterday.

Various features are presented to provide a quality playing experience games This latest Harry Potter to the max. 

Following are some of the features and gameplay What Hogwarts Legacy has to offer Potterheads:

Free Character Creation

harry potter game character design
Gender Appropriate Character Design

One of the most prominent aspects of games Harry Potter is you as the main character, not Harry.

As discussed on Playstation State of Play yesterday, you will be given the freedom to make your character the way you want. 

As a player you will be able to customize the wizard character with the design and gender you want, but still stick to the story where you will be a student starting school in the fifth year of Hogwarts, or around the age of 15 or 16 years.

You will also be given the freedom to choose a House where as you know, at Hogwarts there are 4 schools namely Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff.

House election on games This Harry Potter will affect the color of the uniform and the character you play, the aesthetics of the Hogwarts Common Room, and the nature of the NPC characters that will accompany your character's journey.

Various Classes That Can Be Followed

harry potter hogwarts class game
Classes You Can Take

No games Harry Potter is his name if you don't go to school and study at Hogwarts. 

As a Hogwarts student you have an obligation to participate and learn like an ordinary student.

You will learn many classes such as Spell Class, Defense Against Dark Magic, Herbology, and Potions which were featured in yesterday's State of Play. 

You will be studying with a mostly new professor and you may be disappointed. But you will still find the face of the old professor who teaches you in several classes.

Inner class games This Harry Potter will later teach various basic aspects of the game to players and to improve skills and abilities. 

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Expansive Open World Exploration

game harry potter open world
Hogwarts Legacy Open World concept

As open world game You will be able to explore a wide world. You will be given the freedom to explore the Hogwarts area and around Hogwarts.

You will also solve various mysteries during your exploration including in restricted areas.

This forbidden area around Hogwarts has an interesting and challenging mystery to unravel. by fighting various dangerous enemies.

You can fight these enemies by using forbidden spells and curses. Controversial spells are also said to be very useful in protecting your character in this more dangerous area.

You can also use broomsticks and other monsters to fly around so you can save time.

Unique Combat System

harry potter ogre games
Ogre, One of the Enemies You Fight

Another attraction for this Harry Potter game is the theme action RPGs. As in games In RPGs, in general, you will be faced with fighting various enemies.

But an interesting mechanic of Hogwarts Legacy is that you'll be using more spells and magical powers during combat, which you usually are games RPG is focused on you attacking using weapons such as swords or arrows. 

As the Wizard you will 100% attack using magic, making games This Harry Potter presents a new concept for games RPGs.

A variety of fan favorite spells are available for you to use while playing in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Spells can be used in a non-aggressive manner to aid in exploration and puzzle solving, such as Lumos and Accio available to players to light up environments and carry objects.

You can use aggressive spells when fighting enemies in open world. Players can use various spells and curses in battle.

You can use spells to paralyze and stun enemies, or even fend off spells that go back towards the enemy games This Harry Potter.

para beasts or animals are also available for interaction and you can tame around the world. 

Wilder and savage beasts you can use as in battle so that you get a higher winning advantage.

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Talents, Abilities, and Equipment

harry potter looting game
Obtain Equipment from Looting

On games This Hogwarts Legacy you will have a variety of talents and abilities available, which act as a tree of skills that you can develop. 

The talents and abilities you specially develop will influence your style of play and will add variety to your battles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Players can gain experience to unlock and develop new talents and abilities by completing various available challenges.

And like games Other RPGs you can create (craft) and plunder (loot) to get a variety of different equipment to increase your character's attack power.

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