Minecraft Secret Tricks For Survival

Minecraft Java Edition 2022

Survive on Minecraft is a game mode intended to give players missions. You should know there are some secret minecraft tricks to survive easily.

In survival mode, players emerge in a vast blocky world and must use the resources around them to survive and thrive.

You can enjoy the survival game mode alone or with others while playing on one of the many Minecraft survival servers.

There are some secret minecraft tips and tricks that you can use for Minecraft survival mode, some of which can drastically improve your experience in the game.

Minecraft Secret Tricks List

Minecraft survival mode is probably the biggest challenge you can try in the Java version of the game. This is a secret minecraft trick that you can apply in the game.

Never Dig Straight Down

minecraft secret tricks

It's almost never a good idea to mine directly in this game. Too often unsuspecting players pay the price for this sloppy practice.

All it takes is one hidden lava pool to make players wiser as to why this is a bad idea, especially if they are carrying valuable items that took hours to obtain. Instead, it is a better idea for players to create ladders when descending into the world.

Try to have some stone pickaxes with you when mining, or at least materials for them and the crafting table. Although mining rocks with an iron pickaxe is fast, they do consume a lot of stamina, which can be very annoying early in the game.

It is very important that you divide the wood into planks or slabs to make the charcoal. They are the most efficient fuel source you can find in Minecraft.

One log broken into boards (Java Edition) or slabs (Bedrock) can produce enough fuel to smelt several more logs into charcoal, each providing 8 operations.

Make Doors To Hold Zombies

minecraft secret tricks

Zombie proofing a door is a great way for players to easily keep annoying zombies out of harm's way while in their base.

Zombies in Minecraft will usually kick down any door they think is currently closed. However, a neat trick players can use manipulates the core game mechanics in such a way that the zombies think the door in front of them is actually open, when in fact, it is closed.

Technically, a door may be in an 'open' state in terms of what the game's code thinks it is. However, what was shown in reality, was that the door was actually closed, and thus kept the zombies out of harm's way.

Use the Mushroom Biome

minecraft secret tricks

Hostile mobs do not naturally spawn within mushroom biomes, even at night. This makes the mushroom biome a great choice for players to set up camp, not to mention the original mooshrooms provide a nearly unlimited food source as they are milked.

Avoid using wood and gold tools. At the start of the game, stick with stone and iron tools. The former can mine iron, lapis lazuli, coal, and copper, while the latter can mine almost anything except obsidian or ancient rubble. It is recommended that you use stone and iron tools for the most common tasks.

Get Infinite Water Source

minecraft secret tricks

This thing is minecraft secret tricks which is completely game-changing for players who have set up bases away from large water sources. This trick can also help play on Minecraft servers where there may be a limited amount of water for one reason or another.

It's easy to set up an unlimited source of water in Minecraft and can be done very quickly, requiring only a small initial source of water and a bucket or two.

All players must create an infinite source of water by digging a 2x2 hole and then placing a bucket of water in the opposite corner of this hole. Just like that, a boundless source of water was created that would last a lifetime.

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Use Pumpkin Head To Deal With Endermen

minecraft secret tricks
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If a player wearing a pumpkin looks an Enderman directly in the eye, the Enderman will not be provoked, as is usually expected.

This trick is useful when the player ventures into the Final dimension due to the abundance of natural Endermen in the region. Accidentally seeing one of the hundreds of Endermen in the Final dimension is an easy mistake for anyone to make.

Using the tool on leaves or other similar items is a bad idea, as it will deplete your stamina pretty quickly. If the player is going to chop up a lot of leaves or cobwebs, they may choose to craft a few single-use stone swords to use as machetes.

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Wherever you are, make sure your base can't be destroyed by endermen (especially in warped jungle or in Edge), as they can take some blocks. Next, attach it with a strong and explosion-proof material so that the plants are goodCreepers can't blow it up.

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