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For games that came out in 2013, GTA V is still selling well, and GTA Online is one of the biggest moneymakers in games today. No wonder, in 2022 there are still many players who are looking for ways to play GTA 5 pc.

Reportedly, at one point, GTA Online was raking in an estimated over 7 Billion per day in Shark Cards for Rockstar Games.

Hence, it can be said that this game was a resounding success in all respects for Rockstar Games. GTA V's Story Mode alone would be worth enough for players to buy into the game, but Rockstar went the extra mile and included an expansive Online mode as well.

This is not just an additional thought from Rockstar, but a rather expansive Online mode that will consume many hours of the day for players. While the game wasn't as good as it was when it was launched, it eventually got better with time.

So, for Vicigers friends who want to know how to play the newest GTA 5 PC in 2022, please refer to the explanation below.

How to Play GTA 5 PC 2022

how to play gta 5 pc
Trevor Philips (Source: Gamexran)

Rockstar Games is taking its time to bring GTA 5 to PC, almost two years after it was released on consoles. The game experience remains the same from console, and the addition of the Heist in GTA Online brings new modes to the game.

In 2020, GTA Online is a very different experience from when it was relaunched. There have been several updates to the game, and each significant update adds a lot of new things to the game.

While this game can be quite intimidating to new players or players returning to the game after a while, it doesn't take long to get used to it.

How to play GTA 5 pc, you only need to buy a copy of GTA 5, either from Steam or Epic Games Store. Every copy of the game comes with Online, and can be played without additional purchases. Open GTA V and load into Online mode from Main Menu. Or, you can switch to Online when playing Story Mode and vice versa.

How to Download and Play GTA 5 on PC

You can follow the steps given below to download and how to play GTA 5 pc.

  1. You should head to whichever game store they choose. Steam is a popular choice.
  2. You must log in or create an account on Steam.
  3. Then it needs to download and install Steam on PC.
  4. After the player is logged in, you can search for GTA 5.
  5. Players can then select one of the available versions and make the required payment to buy it.
  6. You can then download and install GTA 5 on your PC.

Tips for playing GTA 5 for beginners

When GTA 5 first launched in 2013, the playing field was even for everyone. However, with many updates dropping over the years like Doomsday Heist and more recently Los Santos Tuners, newcomers should absorb information more quickly.

With so many layers of complexity to deal with, it's hard to get to the heart of the game; which in turn increases confusion for beginners. Nonetheless, there are some basic tips that all beginners should follow.

Secure Passive and Active Sources of Income

how to play gta 5 pc
Mission Prologue

One of the most important things that beginners in GTA 5 should strive for is setting up a source of passive income. There are several to choose from, but all of them require large amounts of money.

On the other hand, there are easy ways to earn active income, which can be used to buy and increase sources of passive income. By combining these two methods, players can make a lot of money in no time.

Prepare Important Items

how to play gta 5 pc

Unlike games from the GTA franchise, in GTA 5, robbing weapons from dead enemies is neither the easiest nor the smartest thing to do. Dying was much easier, and getting caught with a gun would end badly.

Players should definitely buy weapons, ammunition, health and armor as soon as possible to deal with threats in the game. Running with fists won't end well.

Bank Break

how to play gta 5 pc
Niko Bellic (Source: Gamexran)

GTAOnline can be an unforgiving place for newcomers and longtime players alike. Being 'wasted' in GTA offline games will result in losing a fraction of the money generated, however, in GTA 5 players can lose everything.

If a player is randomly killed by another player, they are responsible for losing everything. In order to avoid this, banking money will be better to avoid losses in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Buy Upscale Apartments

how to play gta 5 pc

When buying an upscale apartment in GTA 5 will definitely break the bank, there are some advantages to this. For starters, they look great, and besides that players get much needed parking space for their cars.

However, the main reason to buy a high-end apartment is more functionality than aesthetics. Purchasing one of these lumbering steel giants unlocks the game's highest paying mission, known as a heist.

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Watch Tutorials

how to play gta 5 pc
GTA San Andreas

Beginners logging into the game for the first time will surely be overwhelmed by the amount of information they will find. This game has a fairly steep learning curve, and players should spend some time learning the mechanics.

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It goes without saying that watching the tutorial will save players a lot of trouble moving forward. It provides a lot of basic information that players will definitely need while playing the game, and it's definitely worth checking out.

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