Minecraft Creeper, The Most Iconic Common Hostile Mob in Minecraft

Minecraft Creepers

Many things can be discussed in the Minecraft game. This time we will focus on discussing one of the elements in the game, namely Minecraft Creepers.

All Minecraft players are definitely very familiar with this one monster. With a greenish sleek design as if made of mossy slime slime, the Creeper is not to be easily underestimated.

Apart from his unique appearance, the Creeper's appearance also makes him even more iconic.

How not, black eyes with a mouth that looks like he's pouting make him so very threatening.

But what makes it difficult to disappear from the memory of Minecraft players lies more in its ability which is so troublesome.

If you take a wrong step or panic too much, chances are that players in survival mode will feel the bitterness of death.

So, how unique is the Creeper? Of course, this light article can really be reading material when relaxing while taking a little throwback. So for game lovers on this one, you can really listen to the article until it's finished! Let's check it out!

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Get to know the term mobs

Mob Minecraft Monsters
Mob Minecraft Monsters. Source: VCGamers

Before we get into the core of the discussion, it's a good idea to first discuss the concept of 'mob' so that it can be easier to understand Creeps later. These are all important elements that can easily be found in Minecraft.

As a game with a strong survival and crafting theme, of course Minecraft has a diversity of creatures that are so varied in it.

These creatures are known as "mobs". Mobs can be found in various in-game locations and can be interacted with by players.

Some of the mobs that are commonly encountered (or referred to as 'common') such as Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Enderman, Witch, Wolf, and many more. They can threaten and injure players, that's why they are 'hostile'.

Then the question, "Are there mobs that are not hostile?" Of course there is! There is often a misunderstanding that mobs only refer to 'monsters' that can only injure players, but that's not the case. The mob concept covers a much broader category.

Examples of mobs that are not hostile include farm animals (pigs, chickens, cows), pets (parrots, dogs), non-hostile wild animals (ocelots, wild horses), even Villagers. So don't get it wrong!

The role of the mob is also very important. Some mobs have special item drops when defeated, such as Zombies that can drop Rotting Flesh and Skeletons that can drop Arrows. Players can use it all for crafting, cooking, or increasing supplies.

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Minecraft Creeper As Common Hostile Mob

Minecraft Creepers
Minecraft Creepers. Source: YouTube/Zet22

So, besides those mentioned above, one of the most iconic common hostile mobs and arguably the mascot of this game is the Creeper.

One trivial fact that Vicigers need to understand is, initially the Creeper itself was a coding error or what is commonly called a 'bug' from the sprite mob pig, you know! However, because of its uniqueness, even this failed figure is maintained by the developer.

Apart from these facts, what makes this mob so imprinted in the minds of players is its troubling ability.

They will approach players stealthily and explode when they get close enough. Yes, Creeps can explode! Of course this explosion can cause damage, both to the surrounding area and to the player.

Creepers are often the scourge of new players, but they also provide an interesting challenge in exploring the world of Minecraft.

Even so, if you are familiar with the mechanics, this mob will look ridiculous and very easy to parry/avoid its explosive abilities.

If the player manages to defeat the Creeper, 5 experience points will be obtained. Apart from that, there are also several drops that can be obtained from him such as gunpowder, music disc, and Creeper head. Each of these items has different requirements and drop probabilities.

With its uniqueness, the Minecraft community itself has approved the mob to become a pop culture symbol for the Minecraft game, like a logo or brand. Of course this is a separate trademark for the game and makes it easier to recognize.

Minecraft Mobs
Minecraft Mob.
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