Location of Mario RPG Hidden Treasure on Map Land's End Region

Super Mario RPG

Mario and Luigi are the best combination of characters who have accompanied us from childhood to adulthood. There are many games that have been made adopting both characters. Including the Super Mario RPG game. Apart from being an unusual type of game, this game also contains many Mario RPG hidden treasures which are a special attraction for players.

In fact, on Reddit, there is a special forum that discusses in detail the location of the hidden treasure, and how to get it.

The game, which was remade and officially released in November 2023, has its own magical power through the unusual placement of hidden treasures. Many players repeat levels from the beginning, just to find hidden treasures that they missed before.

A dedication shown by the Super Marip RPG game players towards the sustainability of the game ecosystem. To dance hidden treasure, you need some special knowledge.

Such as, detailed knowledge of the map that is being or will be explored, the ability to fight with the enemies that come your way, and most importantly solving the missions available in the game.

Without this, it feels very impossible for you to get hidden treasure. Therefore, as a solution to this problem, the author will give you the necessary knowledge about the Super Mario RPG game in detail, especially regarding hidden treasures.

Read the following article carefully so you don't miss the information the author will provide. Without further ado, let's get into the main discussion.

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Mario RPG Hidden Treasure Locations

Super Mario World Map
Super Mario World Map. (Source: Super Mario Wiki Fandom/Google)

There are many hidden treasures hidden in the map. From the tip of Nimbus Island to Pond to Pipes, you can look for it if you know the location.

In this discussion, the author will specifically explain the location of hidden treasures in the Land's End map, which is widely rated as the most difficult map in Mario RPG.

Hidden Treasure #24

Sunken Ship Hidden Treasure - Mario RPG Hidden Treasure
Sunken Ship Hidden Treasure. (Source: Game Spot/Google)

To get hidden treasure #24, you need to defeat King Calamari, which is the boss in the area called Sunken Ship. After that, you can explore the area covered by the presence of King Calamari.

When you have found a clone of Mario, don't try to talk to him, if you don't want to fight him. Jump on your clone's head and do a little jump upwards, to open the J block, which will lead you to the hidden treasure.

Hidden Treasure #25

Sunken Ship Hidden Treasure - Mario RPG Hidden Treasure
Sunken Ship Hidden Treasure. (Source: PC Gamer/Google)

When you arrive at the main screen of the Land's End map, access the yellow cannon on the right to get to the hidden treasure.

Hidden Treasure #26

Mario RPG Cyber Challenge
Mario RPG Cyber Challenge. (Source: Nintendo/Google)

To get hidden treasure #26 you have to defeat the Kobold first. After that, you can look for hidden treasures by moving towards the end of the cliff.

Hidden Treasure #27

Land's End Enemy Super Mario RPG Game
Land's End Enemy Super Mario RPG Game. (Source: PCMag/Google)

When you are in an area with grass with even flowers consisting of red and purple, jump between purple flowers number 2 and 3. If successful, later you will open J block, as access to hidden treasure #27.

Hidden Treasure #28

Mario House
Mario House. (Source: Nintendo/Google)

Still in the same place as hidden treasure #27, you only need to continue your journey until you meet a stone pillar with a hole in the middle. Move towards the hole and jump until smoke appears.

If successful, and done correctly, you will be pulled into the ground to fight Kobolds, before getting hidden treasure #28.

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