Minecraft Movie will be released in 2025, here are the cast!

Jack Black Minecraft Movie

Who doesn't know Minecraft? This game, which was developed by Mojang, is rumored to be adopted as a film, and broadcast on the big screen, with the title Minecraft Movie. Speculation about the cast of the Minecraft Movie is increasingly emerging. Many say that Jason Mamoa is more suitable to play Steve, the default character we get when we enter the game for the first time. However, quite a few fans say that Jack Black is more suitable.

So, Mojang's big ambitions, which we will soon be able to enjoy on the big screen, is a big question in itself. Not without reason, if you have played the Minecraft game before, maybe Vicigers will realize that there are no special missions given by the game.

So, you are free to do whatever you want in it. Different from games that have been successfully adapted into films, like The Last of Us or Uncharted starring Tom Holland. Both games are AAA genre games, which have stories in them.

So, determining the storyline, as well as giving fans an idea of the film that will be published later, will be easier to do, and also easier to assess in terms of suitability for viewing.

In this article, in order to answer your curiosity about the Minecraft film, the author will try to provide a detailed explanation. What and how this film will be made, as well as the possible plot that will be shown, the results of the summary, as well as a selection of information from various existing forums.

Without further ado, let's get into the main discussion of the following article. Listen carefully so that you don't make the mistake of absorbing the information that the author will describe.

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Minecraft Movie, Mojang's Big Ambition on the Big Screen

Minecraft Movie Poster Fan Made
Minecraft Movie Poster Fan Made. (Source: SLUURP/Youtube)

Big ambition father Through Minecraft, which was adapted into an AAA type game in 2015, it was successfully worked on by developer Telltale Games, and received a lot of positive reception from fans.

Now, Mojang, in collaboration with Warner Bros, is again making a new breakthrough through a feature film with a similar title to the game. Reporting from the IMDB website, the Minecraft film will be released globally in 2025.

For those of you who are wondering about the plot of the story that will be broadcast, the author bets that WB and Mojangg might adapt it from the AAA version of the Minecraft game.

This game tells the adventures of Steve and several of his friends in defeating the Ender Dragon which almost destroyed the entire Minecraft realm.

Release Date

Minecraft Realms
Minecraft Realms. (Source: Windows Central/Google)

There is no confirmation regarding the release date of the Minecraft Movie. However, if we look at the official IMDB website, you will find the estimated year of release. Namely, in 2025.

Jack Black or Jason Mamoa, who stars in the Minecraft Movie?

Rumors Jason Momoa and Jack Black Play Steve
Rumors Jason Mamoa and Jack Black Play Steve. (Source: Fandom Wire/Google)

The Minecraft Movie cast is still confusing. Many say Steve will be played by Jack Black, who has starred in various blockbuster films, such as Jumanji. However, it is not impossible that the main star of the two Aquaman film series, Jason Mamoa, has also been cast to star Steve.

Both have almost the same properties. Hilarious, hilarious, and also invites laughter from the audience. So, if one is not selected, we will still get a show from a quality actor.

Apart from Jack Black and Jason Mamoa, there are big names such as Emma Myers, Steve Carell, Sebastian Eugene Hansen, Jennifer Coolidge, Danielle Brooks, and Matt Berry who will star together in the Minecraft Movie.

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