Nostalgic Old FF Avatar Skull Photos

Many people use photos of old FF skulls again because it is a trend and makes Free Fire players nostalgic for the previous season.
FF Avatar Old Skull
FF Avatar Old Skull (Source: MB Gaming YouTube Account)

Have you ever felt nostalgia for the early days of playing? Free Fire? At that time, the skull avatar became a symbol of veteran players who had been fighting since season 2. Now, the "back to old" trend has hit again, and the old FF avatar skull is back in vogue.

For those of you who want to follow this trend, VCGamers has the solution! Check out the raw file of avatar skull photos below to look cool and nostalgic in Free Fire.

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Collection of Old FF Avatar Skull Photos

Below, you can find various old avatar skull images that you can choose and use to show your fierce side on the battlefield. Oh yes, this old skull photo is from the game Free Fire season 2.

 skull FF avatar old
Skull photo FF avatar old 1 (Source:

This old FF avatar skull photo must be familiar to you, right? The colors are very striking and seem playful.

skull FF avatar old 2
Photo of FF avatar old 2 skull (Source:

If this FF avatar's skull photo is pirate-style, that's the story. Very simple!

old FF avatar skull
Photo of FF avatar old 3 skull (Source:

Surely you haven't forgotten this one? This is the coolest! The combination of black and white creates an elegant, frightening and mysterious impression.

So, that's a collection of old avatar skull photos. Is there anything you use often? Is there any that is your favorite?

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2022 is the year of the FF Skull Theme

Not only photos of skulls, but Free Fire also provides banners with a skull theme. However, you can't get this banner because the event has already passed. To be precise, December 21, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

skull ff avatar old
Photo of FF skull banner (Source: MB Gaming YouTube account)

Oh yes, in December 2022 there will also be a skull SKS skin released by Free Fire. Then, on 9-15 July 2022, Free Fire will also provide skull-themed backpacks.

To get it, you have to top up diamonds and get a backpack bag and skull mask.

Even though these events have passed, if you have these items, you can combine them with old avatar skull photos to make your appearance and game even cooler.

In 2022, Free Fire will use a lot of skull themes. I think this year we will see more items with what other themes, right?

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How to Replace Old FF Avatar Skulls Without Diamonds

Bored with FF avatars just those things? Want to change but don't have diamonds? Don't worry, there's a way! You can replace your old avatar without diamonds in the following way:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Google Account Login
  3. Enter the Google account connected to the Free Fire application.
  4. Visit the Personal Information menu.
  5. Change Google Account Photo and select the photo you want.
  6. Adjust the photo size and click “Save”.

Taraaa! Your old FF avatar skull photo has been replaced with a new photo.

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Apart from that, you can also change the skull photo with the application FF combo mod, but be careful. Because, risks such as data theft, viruses, and banned accounts lurk. So, it's better for you to avoid using the FF combo mod application, OK?

But, calm down! You don't need to worry because there is an official and safe way to change your old avatar that you can do. 

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