Recommendations for cool old FF avatars, make you nostalgic!

The old FF avatar is an image that was a hit several years ago and has a unique, distinctive and iconic design.
avatar ff old
Free Fire Wallpapers. Source: Garena

As we know that games battle royale the most popular ie Free Fire, has many features and interesting gameplay including using the FF Old avatar.

This old avatar is not only used as a profile photo, but can also be used as a nostalgic symbol that reminds players of when they first started playing Free Fire.

Of the many PP avatars that have many interesting designs and motifs, this old FF avatar is still widely used by players.

Well, for those of you who are looking FF avatars old. You can get recommendations in this article, OK!

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Old FF Avatar

avatar ff old (4)
Free Fire Wallpapers. Source: Garena

Before knowing the definition of an old FF avatar, it would be good to know the definition of the avatar itself.

Avatars are images used on social media. In Free Fire itself, this avatar is given directly by Garena for every Free Fire Elite Pass Season.

So each season has its own avatar, where the avatar has a unique design.

As a Free Fire player, of course you also want to brand your identity through your Free Fire profile photo so that you are better known by other players.

The old FF avatar can also be used as a profile photo on social media accounts, both on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, ticktock and X.

This will also look really cool and legendary if you use the old FF avatar, where this avatar is a popular image several years ago.

This old avatar depicts when FF started to become popular, thus reminding players of the era when it first appeared.

This old FF avatar has iconic characteristics and is very aesthetic, if used it will be even cooler and give a distinctive identity.

One more thing, by using an old FF avatar, it will definitely give you memories that can make you nostalgic again.

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List of Old Free Fire Avatars

avatar ff old (2)
Free Fire Wallpapers. Source: Garena

The following is a list of old FF avatar images that you can use as your Free Fire account profile photo.


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How to Change Avatar in Free Fire

avatar ff old (3)
Free Fire Wallpapers. Source: Garena

If you are still confused about how to change your old avatar in the Free Fire game. You can do this in two ways, namely as follows:

Google Chrome

  • Step 1: Open the Free Fire website in Google Chrome;
  • Step 2: Login to your Free Fire account;
  • Step 3: Click the Personal Information menu;
  • Step 4: Click on the profile photo image on Free Fire;
  • Step 5: Select Add Profile Photo;
  • Step 6: Select Photo from Gallery;
  • Step 7: Upload and wait until finished;
  • Step 8: Click Next Options;
  • Step 9: Select Photo Size;
  • Step 10: Click Save;
  • Step 11: Done.


  • Step 1: Login to the Facebook account connected to Free Fire;
  • Step 2: Select Edit Profile;
  • Step 3: Click Profile Photo;
  • Step 4: Select and upload photos from the photo gallery that will be used;
  • Step 5: Set Photo Size;
  • Step 6: Save;
  • Step 7: Wait until Finished;
  • Step 8: Done and your profile photo has changed in Free Fire.
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That's the recommendation for an old FF avatar that you can use to beautify the appearance of your profile photo. Which image will you use?

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