30 Cool Squad Names for Free Fire

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Free Fire offers its players the chance to create a guild or squad so you can play with friends and participate in tournaments together. You can use cool squad names in every tournament.

Some players prefer to have simple and straightforward names for their squads while others prefer cool and more unique squad names.

While players are required to name their guild or squad when created, Free Fire allows users to change their name by spending a certain amount of diamonds.

In this article, we list 30 cool squad names that players can use for their squads in Garena Free Fire. We have also added a step by step guide to change squad name in game in the following review.

List of Free Fire Cool Squad Names

cool squad name
Cool ff team name to join the tournament

Here's a list of cool squad names that players can use in Free Fire.










10 K1NGS


12 ₳ӾɆ 



15 ΓΞSΓ 



18 ?????? 













Regular keyboard doesn't have unique fonts and characters, so users have to use websites like fancytexttool and fancytextguru to make it.

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How to Change the Name of the Cool Squad in FF

cool squad name
Changed the team name even cooler

Players should note that only squad leaders can change guild names. Here are the steps you can take to change your guild name in Free Fire:

  1. Open Free Fire and click on the 'Guild' icon located on the right side of the main menu.
  2. Click on the rename icon next to the guild name.
  3. A dialog box appears. Fill in the required name in the respective text field
  4. After doing so, click the button below the text box. Changing your team name will cost you 500 diamonds.

Those were 30 lists of cool squad names for the Free Fire team. Actually, you can use it for your own esport team, not just Free Fire.

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