Map Split Removed by Riot Games, This is the Reason!

Valorant game developer, Riot Games, said that the Split map will soon be removed for various game modes.
Valorant. Source: AcerID

News came from Riot Games, where they made a surprising announcement, namely that the Split map would be removed from the game Valorant.

As the most popular map among Valorant players, the news that the Split map will be removed could be disappointing for them.

For those who don't know, the Split map is popular with players because this map has simpler gameplay.

Previously, the Split map also disappeared, then came back again and was given a rework. And now it is reported that the Split map will be removed from the Valorant map pool again.

So, for those of you who are curious about the reason behind the removal of the Split map, let's look at the following explanation!

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Reasons why Riot Games Removed Map Split from Valorant

Reasons why Riot Games Removed Map Split from Valorant
Reasons why Riot Games Removed Map Split from Valorant. Source: Valorant Wiki

Game developer Valorant, namely Riot Games will soon remove the Split map for various game modes.

This is done to overcome the bugs in this map and these bugs are considered to damage the game.

This bug allows players to boost (go up) to the bar at site A which was previously not allowed. 

Therefore, Riot Games was forced to take action and remove the Split map from Swift Play, Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush and Premier modes.

Riot Games also stated that improvements will occur in the upcoming Patch 8.08 and until then, the Split map will only be available in Deathmatch and Escalation modes.

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Effects of Map Split Removal from Valorant

Effects of Map Split Removal from Valorant
Effects of Map Split Removal from Valorant. Source:

The removal of the Split map from Valorant makes a significant change in the dynamics of the game. 

As in Premier mode, the Split map will be replaced by the Ascent map for this week. 

Then, this change also has an impact on the map pick and ban process in the Premier Playoffs, where the Split map will also be eliminated.

This forces players and teams to reorganize their strategies and prepare themselves to play on other maps that are still available.

Responding to this, many in the community gave mixed responses. Starting from those who consider Riot's steps to be the right action to ensure fair play in matches. 

However, there were also those who felt disappointed because they lost the map which had become a big part of their game strategy. 

Meanwhile, on social media, heated discussions also took place, with many players expressing their opinions about the impact of this change on the dynamics of the game and their habits.

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That's our discussion this time regarding the news about the removal of the Split map in Valorant.

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