Jett Valorant, the Duelist from South Korea!

Jett Valorant is a type of agent in Valorant, a duelist type who has wind abilities and kunai as his ultimate skill.
Valorant PS5
Valorant PS5. Source: Rock Paper Shotgun/Google

Who doesn't know the game Valorant and all of its agents who frequently roam around on various social media platforms? According to various sources, this FPS game is one of the most popular FPS games in the world, alongside Counter Strike 2, a replacement for CS:GO. In total, there are six Duelist type agents that you can play. Namely, Jett, Reyna, Raze, Yoru, Phoenix, and Neon. Jett Valorant itself is the one most often chosen by players.

This is because the effectiveness of his skills really helps us in playing aggressively. And if you have already played it, Jett is the only agent we can use, without having to sign a contract first, unlike other agents.

Despite getting several nerfs for the Tailwind skill and also the dash which has become the main characteristic of Jett, Riot Games, as the production house for this game, seems to have failed to balance the Valorant game, because the pick rate is still high.

However, not everyone can play Jett well. This happens because many Valorant players are trying it. So, even though the pick rate is high, don't be afraid when facing it in battle. There are ways you can stop its movement.

In this article, the author will discuss Jett in detail, so that you can become one of the best Jett players, and can enter the leaderboard this season. Therefore, read the following article carefully so that you don't make a mistake in absorbing the information that the author will provide.

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Get to know the Duelist from South Korea, Jett Valorant!

Agent Jett Valorant Duelist Type
Agent Jett Valorant Duelist Type. (Source: VCGamers)

Jett is an agent or character that you can choose and play in the FPS game Valorant. He is a duelist type, so many people play him with an offensive playstyle.

Jett's real name is Joon-Hee. He is a famous chef who often cooks various types of Korean dishes. The restaurant is open in the Insa-Dong area, Seoul.

Becoming a chef has been his dream since childhood. However, he was stranded in Valorant, as a duelist who had the power of wind in both hands.

If you pay attention, the clothes are simpler than other agents. This is because Jett doesn't like excessive things.

To store the wind kunai which he usually uses to cast his ultimate skill, Jett puts it in his vest pocket, so it is easy to reach and use.

Jett Valorant Skills

Jett Nerf
Jett Nerf. (Source: Riot Games/Google)

There are four Jett skills that you should know, namely:

  • Q-Updraft: This skill allows Jett to jump high, by utilizing the wind impulse from both legs.
  • E-Tailwind: Jett's signature skill uses wind to push his body in the direction he wants. We usually call this skill "dash", so that it is easier to remember.
  • C-Couldburst: He will throw several wind balls in the direction we have determined. This skill is usually used as a shield to blind opponents.
  • X-Blade Storm (Ultimate): Jett's ultimate skill which allows you to throw kunai or knives, right at your opponent's head. When you successfully hit the target, the skill can be refilled.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Jett

Jett Skill on Newgrounds
Jett Skill on Newgrounds. (Source: Rock Paper Shotgun/Google)

If you want to master Jett, it means you have to be able to master his skills. Vicigers must know how to make optimal use of Jett's skills.

First, use the Cloudburst skill to protect yourself, and also obscure the enemy's view at the same time. This can be done simultaneously, depending on the circumstances.

You can also do a combination of Cloudburst and Tailwind skills. Usually this combo is very effective for rushing into a site, so that the enemy will have difficulty seeing where you are.

Lastly, you can also take advantage of updraft skills that you rarely use, with ultimate skills. Its purpose is to increase visibility from a height and paralyze enemies from a distance.

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