5 Best Valorant Agents to Dominate Map Lotus

Master the newest Valorant map, Lotus, with these 5 best agents! Get tips for playing Sova, Reyna, Omen, Viper, and Astra to win.

Players who are hungry to win, about mastering the Lotus map Valorant not just memorize the layout. You need to think about the right team composition and strategic agent selection. Agents who are dominant on the Haven or Ascent maps may not be effective on this map.

This time we will discuss the 5 best Valorant agents suitable for this map along with a detailed explanation of their abilities and how to use them optimally.

Are you curious about the agents who will dominate the new map? Come on, see the complete discussion below!

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Best Agent on the Lotus Valorant Map

To master this map, you need the right agent. Here are the 5 best Valorant agents to dominate Lotus.


Sova Valorant
Sova, The Initiator of Valorant. Source: YouTube.

Sova is an invaluable intelligence agent at Lotus. His ability to gather information about enemy positions is very important in this map which is full of twists and turns.

His Recon drone can explore hard-to-reach areas. Meanwhile, Shock Dart and Owl Drone can provide information about enemy locations in real-time.

Sova's ultimate, Hunter's Fury, is also very effective at clearing areas and providing information about affected enemies.

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Reyna Valorant
Reyna. Source: VCGamers.

Reyna is an agile and deadly duelist and can dominate Lotus with her ability to get in and out of battle quickly.

His Leer can blind enemies, while Dismiss can heal them and make them invisible. Reyna's ultimate, Empress, makes her more deadly and increases her speed.


Omen. Source: YouTube.

Omen is a control agent that can lock down areas and disrupt enemy movements. His Paranoia can blind enemies in a wide area, while Dark Cover can create smoke to block the enemy's view.

Lotus has many open areas and long sightlines, which is where Omen's smoke is very effective at cutting off enemy vision.

This map also has many passages and tight corners, where Shrouded Steps and From the Shadows can be used to move positions safely and surprise enemies.

With its ability to control areas, high mobility, and info gathering abilities, Omen is a very versatile and effective agent in Lotus. If you want to dominate this map, Omen is the right choice.


Viper Lineups Post Plant
Vipers. Source: VCGamers.

Vipers is an area control agent that can turn Lotus into a dangerous battlefield for the enemy.

His Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen can create poisonous smoke that hinders enemy movement. Meanwhile, Snakebite and Viper's Pit can do a lot of damage. Viper's ultimate, Viper's Pit, turns the entire map into a deadly toxic area.

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Most Selling Agent Valorant
Astra. Source: YouTube.

Astra is an astral control agent that can have global effects throughout the map. His Gravity Well can pull enemies to one point, while Cosmic Divide can divide the map into two parts.

His Nebula can create smoke that blocks the enemy's view, while his Stars can deal damage or heal the team. Astra's ultimate, Astral Form, allows him to control all of his abilities from space.

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There are many other ways to play on this map, experiment with different agents and find a playing style that suits you.

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