Thundering Pulse Genshin Impact: Stats, Materials, Character Recommendations

thundering pulse genshin impact weapon

Genshin Impact re-released Thundering Pulse on this 3.7 update weapon banner.

As one of the best bows ever released, this weapon is a signature weapon for the Yoimiya character.

Besides Yoimiya, which characters are suitable for using Thundering Pulse? Is Thundering Pulse really good for you to get?

This time we will discuss in full about the Thundering Pulse sword, starting from stats, ascending materials, to characters Genshin Impact best suited to use this weapon.

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Thundering Pulse Genshin Impact

Thundering Pulse is an exclusive 5-star sword that you can get from Genshin Impact's limited banner Gacha system.

You can get it by pulling on the Weapon Banner. At the time of writing this article, Thundering Pulse can be obtained together with catalyst Kagura's Verity.

Thundering Pulse Genshin Impact stat

thundering pulse genshin impact weapon stat
Stat Thundering Pulse (source: VCGamers)

Stats the main Thundering Pulse will provide additional ATK and additional Crit DMG on the second stat. So, very good especially for DPS characters.

The additional total ATK dealt is 48 at level 1, up to 608 at level 90. In addition, the added Crit DMG will deal 14.4% Crit DMG at level 1 to 66.2% Crit DMG at level 90.

The bonuses given to users are very good, especially for characters who optimally attack with elemental powers.

In addition to increasing ATK and Crit DMG, characters using Thundering Pulse will also get a Rule by Thunder bonus.

Rule of Thunder will increase the ATK stat by 20% without refinement and give an effect called Thunder Emblem. At maximum refinement (R5), ATK will increase by 40%.

Thunder Emblem can be stacked up to 3 stacks. Stack Thunder Emblem increases DMG from Normal Attack by 12/24/40%. At R5, you will get 12/24/40% DMG from Normal Attack.

The way for a character to get 1 Thunder stack and increase the stack can be done in the following scenario: 

  • The character uses a Normal Attack that deals DMG to the enemy. This scenario will create 1 stack that can last 5 seconds before the stack runs out.
  • Characters using Elemental Skills. This scenario will give 1 stack that can last for 10 seconds. This scenario records that the Elemental Energy (used for Elemental Burst) is less than 100%. The stack will disappear when the energy is full.

The duration of each stack will be calculated independently. That is, when you get the second stack before the first stack duration runs out, the second stack duration will last for the duration of the scenario you got and will not follow the duration of the first stack.

VCGamers takes the character Yoimiya as an example. When Yoimiya uses Normal Attack 1 time, Yoimiya will get 1 stack of Thunder Emblem. 

The next Normal Attack will provide a continuous stack until it reaches 3 stacks.

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Material Ascension Thundering Pulse Genshin Impact

thundering pulse genshin impact weapon ascension material
Material Ascension Thundering Pulse (source: Project Amber)

The materials you need to ascend the Thundering Pulse sword are as follows:

  • Drops of Hilicurl Shooter enemies namely: Firm Arrowhead, Sharp Arrowhead, Weathered Arrowhead
  • Weapon material ascension Narukami set: Narukami's Wisdom, Narukami's Joy, Narukami's Affection, Narukami's Valor
  • Drop materials from Mirror Maiden: Dismal Prism, Crystal Prism, Polarizing Prism

Mirror Maiden is a Fatui enemy who attacks with the Hydro element. You can find Mirror Maiden in The Chasm, Inazuma, and Sumeru.

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Recommendations for the Best Characters for Genshin Impact Thundering Pulse Users

thundering pulse genshin impact best character user yoimiya
Yoimiya, Thundering Pulse Best User (source: VCGamers)

As previously discussed, Thundering Pulse will be very suitable for use by characters, especially DPS Genshin Impact characters in general.

The high Base ATK and additional Crit DMG will make DPS with any element very strong. 

You can use Thundering Pulse on DPS who use bow weapons. However, are all characters effective at using Thundering Pulse? There are several things you should pay attention to.

VCGamers thinks that Thundering Pulse will be very suitable for use by Characters whose talent kit focuses on Normal Attack and Elemental Skills to produce the most DMG compared to using Elemental Burst.

From the results of the VCGamers experiment, the Thundering Pulse bow suits Yoimiya and Childe the best.

Both characters are suitable for you to build with a build that has a focus on providing DMG and attacking using Normal Attack and Elemental Skills.

Fischl (DPS Hybrid Electro Physical build), Ganyu, and Aloy are still very suitable for using this weapon. But with a note that you can activate their Elemental Skill first to get a stack that lasts quite a long time.

Collei, Tighnari, and Kujou Sara could still use Thundering Pulse. However, there are other weapons like Alley Hunt for Tighnari that still suit this character better.  

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These are the recommendations for characters that are suitable for using Thundering Pulse. For those of you who haven't gotten this weapon, you can get it in the banner for the first part of update 3.7.

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