Full Explanation of the New Anubis CSGO Map

Anubis CSGO

CSGO has just added the Anubis map to its Active Duty map selection after new update. This map replaces Dust II as a map in the Active Duty category.

This time, VCGamers will discuss everything you need to know about the Anubis map in the CSGO game. Curious about explanations and tips for playing on this map? Come on, see the explanation below!

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Anubis, CSGO's New Active Duty Map

Site B Anubis CSGO
Site B on Map Anubis. Source: Counter-Strike Wiki Fandom

Anubis is a map that has just entered the Active Duty category. This folder, which is set in an Egyptian museum, contains a Pharaoh statue, historical signs, and hieroglyphics on various walls.

According to the official interview with the map maker by Blix. gg, this CSGO Anubis map takes inspiration from the Assassin's Creed series.

Making this map is a considerable effort and extraordinary dedication. In fact, the map makers had to go through a process development a fairly long map, namely one full year.

They had to go through that one full year in order to create the first Anubis prototype, such as design, playtesting, grayboxing, to optimization.

After the process, they have to take 3 to 6 months to complete bug fixing and feedback integration based on exclusive interviews from Blix. gg with Roalds.

Apart from Roald, there is the Anubis map development team. Who are they? Come on, see the discussion about the Anubis map making team below!

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CSGO Community Made Map

Map Before Revision
Anubis Map Before Revision. Source: blix.gg

This map called Anubis in CSGO was made by a team from the community which consists of three members namely Roald, jakuza, and jd40.

They won the Mapcore Mapping Contest in 2019 so that the Anubis map is popular today.

According to Roald, Valve has purchased the copyright of this Anubis map for various purposes. For example, Valve has replaced several features and aspects of this game in favor of placing it in the Active Duty category.

The Anubis map is the second community map that has made it into the Active Duty category. Previously, there was a community-made Cache folder that was once an Active Duty folder.

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Callouts on the Anubis Map

Callouts Anubis CSGO
Callouts Anubis CSGO. Source: Reddit/u/uuaapeli

Callouts are one of the most crucial forms of communication in the game CSGO. Therefore, you must know all the callouts in the Anubis map.

For CSGO beginners, callouts are a key place in a map. For example, the A Long in Dust II are callouts which means that something is in A Long, such as an enemy rushing A Long.

Looking at the picture above, you can see the callouts or place names in the Anubis map. This map has a pretty good structure with Canal & Bridge.

Canal & Bridge are callouts that are able to provide quick rotation access for both parties, between Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. However, the place may be a bit confusing regarding the sounds that may be produced from various sources such as steps or steps.

The Bridge is the place that unites the Terrorist spawn to the Middle with jump access to the Canal which is the crucial point. You have to watch out for this crucial point because there is access to two bomb areas, namely the Connector.

On site B, you can hide in the Backsite and Palace areas which are rotational access from Middle to Alley which ends in the Sniper Nest. By being in the Sniper Nest, you can use the AWP which will focus on enemy pressure from Outside Long.

Apart from site B, there is site A which is quite broad with two fairly traditional entrances. There is a Walkway from Middle and A Main as an entrance to site A.

Tips and tricks

Canal Anubis CSGO
Canal Anubis CSGO. Source: Dot Esports

Anubis is a fairly dynamic map. Because of that, a team needs strong communication and cooperation, especially when playing as a CT team.

The CT team requires communication and cooperation because there are many access for the Terrorist team to advance to the site. Apart from that, this map also has a quite crucial lurk factor.

If a CT player succeeds in lurking, then that player can get information about the direction the Terrorist team wants to go.

However, there is a possibility that CT players who lurk can be caught. This can happen because of the Canal & Bridge area which gives access to the Terrorist team for alternative options other than heading straight Middle.

Therefore, tips and tricks for CT players are to lurk carefully. If you are caught, then communicate it to the players on the same team so they can anticipate the movements of the Terrorist team.

For Terrorist players, the tip is to be careful with the lurkers by the CT team. If it turns out that there is indeed a lurker from the CT team, then you can play around Canal & Bridge and determine alternative options to execute the game towards the bomb site.

Thus the discussion about the Anubis map, the newest Active Duty map in the CSGO game. Hopefully useful and Good Luck Have Fun!

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