March 2022 Starlight Skin Leaks

This time we will review the March 2022 Starlight Skin leaks. The March 2022 Starlight Skin leaks have appeared on various social media accounts.

The March 2022 Starlight Skin leak will certainly make the users of the heroes who will appear even happier. Because, the hero you use in the game will look cooler when you use it in the game.

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We have previously reviewed the leaked hero who received the Collector skin in March 2022. The hero who received this skin is Silvanna Mobile Legends.

So, which heroes will get the March 2022 Starlight skin? Let's look at the review to find out which heroes will get the Starlight skin in March 2022.

March 2022 Starlight Skin Leaks

Skin Starlight March 2022

There are many heroes in the Mobile Legends game. However, only one will get the Starlight skin next March 2022.

The hero who is rumored to be getting the Starlight skin in March is Beatrix. He is rumored to be receiving the skin in March.

This hero with the Marksman role is known to have great damage. Those of you who are users of this hero will certainly consider this as good news because Betrix will look cooler.

The name Beatrix previously appeared as a hero who was said to be getting the Starlight skin in February 2022. However, it turns out that the February 2022 starlight skin was given to Cecililion.

You don't need to worry about it. Because, it could be that the leaks circulating on social media about this are true.

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However, we have to wait for an official announcement from Moonton as a game developer Mobile Legends: Bang Bang related to the March 2022 Starlight Skin.

For now, for those of you who are users of Beatrix Mobile Legends and want to have that skin, you can be patient while preparing yourself to have this cool skin.

Anyway, don't let you lose the opportunity to be able to have this skin when the game developer has released it. You can definitely have it and make your hero look cool and attractive when dealing with the opposing team in your favorite MOBA game.

Skill Beatrix Mobile Legends

You can also get ready to start understanding the skills of Beatrix Mobile Legends. So, when the new skin has been released and you have it, you can use the hero skillfully.

That is, you can play with that hero as well as possible and make it a hero that the opposing team can fear in the game.

You need to do that in order to win in every battle. So, that cool skin will be very useful when it is supported by a good game.

So, here's a review of the skills from Beatrix Mobile Legends that you need to know.

Passive Skills – Mechanical Genius

Beatrix's Passive Skill is Mechanical Genius. This hero with the role of Marksman is known to have four weapons.

Beatrix's respective weapons are Renner, Bennett, Wesker and Nibiru. 

Each of Beatrix's four weapons has its advantages. You can also carry 2 weapons at the same time when in battle in the game.

Skill 1 – Masterfur Gunner

Skill 1 Beatrix is Masterfur Gunner. You can use this skill to change the weapon your hero has while in the game.

Apart from that, you can also use this skill to chase enemy heroes and escape from their pursuit while in the game.

Skill 2- Technical Repositioning

Skill 2 Beatrix is Technical Reposition. You can use this skill to move places and let your hero reload bullets from the weapon he has.

Ultimate Skills

This hero has ultimate skills that are tailored to the weapons he uses in battle in the Mobile Legends game.

The skill will later match the weapon that Beatrix uses.

Beatrix will have a cooldown of 24 seconds. Furthermore, the cooldown can reset when Beatrix changes weapons.

Skill 4- Need Backup

Skill 3 Beatrix can be activated when she doesn't take damage for 3 seconds. You can use this skill to exchange weapons.

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