5 Advantages of Punishing Gray Raven Compared to Other Mobile RPGs That You Must Play

Punishing Gray Raven

Some of you may not know about Punishing Gray Raven (Writing Punishing: Gray Raven). Action RPG mobile game this is from developers This Kuro Game was widely discussed when it was released for the global version in 2021.

This game was released for the first time servers China on December 5, 2019. Released on servers Japan follows one year later on December 4, 2020.

Players in other parts of the world can finally play this game when Kuro Game makes its global release on July 16 2021. There are 3 global servers that you can choose, namely: Asia - Pacific, North America (North America), and Europe.

Punishing: Gray raven or PGR for short servers global is an RPG type games. Platforms available for you games on Android and iOS. For PC you can use BlueStacks.

PGR is said to be a strong competitor to other well-known RPG games from developers miHoYo is Honkai Impact 3rd.

But PGR itself has advantages that strengthen your reason for playing games this. Here are 5 advantages of Punishing : Gray Raven that differentiate it from other Mobile RPGs.

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Lore An interesting story

Punishing Gray Raven has a concept ActionRPG mobile games with the existence of a visual novel system that tells the whole story progress core story games.

The setting of this game is the period post-apocalypse or the destruction of the earth in futuristic times. The world that is told in this game has been destroyed and some humans have been destroyed by a virus called Punishing.

You will play the role of leader or be called Commander for a special teamtaskforce) named Gray Raven. Gray Raven itself is an Android that is usually called Construct and has the power to fight against the Punishing virus earlier.

During the story you will find various secrets exposed around the world games PGR, the Punishing virus, and other interesting things by fighting various monsters affected by the Punishing virus called Corrupted with different levels of difficulty.

Upgrading System constructs

constructs is a character that you can play as party you. When you start playing you will get 3 A Rank characters from the Gray Raven team, namely Lucia, Liv, and Lee.

You will also get construct type S Rank for free which of course you are free to choose anyone from 5 construct which are given.

Punishing Gray Raven free 5 stars

S rank the ones you can choose are Karenina – Ember, Liv – Luminance, Kamui – Tenebrion, Lee – Entrophy, and Nanami – Pulse.

Different from other RPG games which also have a gacha system and character tier rank, Punishing Gray Raven makes it easy for players in the form of an upgrade system. ranking for characters so you don't have to target S Rank characters too much to be strong.

For example, you have a character A Rank Bianca – Zero, you will still be able to change construct it becomes S Rank by means of being named evolve use shards that you can collect.

Shards You don't need to get it yourself from Gacha because it's available at shop which you can exchange with items that you get while playing games.

The Gameplay Unique Punishing Gray Raven

Punishing Gray Raven gameplay

At first glance, Punishing Gray Raven has the same UI as Honkai Impact 3rd. However, after paying close attention, Punishing Gray Raven has gameplay different.

Button to activate skills which the characters generally have in other RPG games have been provided with time cooldown.

PGR has no buttons skills which can be used at any time. You are required to be more aggressive in attacking to activate the Orb which functions to activate skills.

Combination of Skills and Orb System

Any attacks or normal attacks what you do will produce Orb. Functions of Orbs (ping) this is to enable skills and ultimate skills which is owned construct.

Construct will have different Orb combinations can activate skills.

The potential for new characters will be maximized if you understand the combination skills and Orb owned and can upgrades the power of a regenerated Orb.

There are 2 Skills owned by each construct that is active skills and Passive skills. active skills will be used by constructs while in fields.

Passive Skills vary as helpful regenerate Orbs are faster or helpful heal your team.

Guaranteed Gacha

Punishing : Gray Raven is kind enough to players because it features a guaranteed gacha system. This system gives you more opportunities to earn construct which exist in banners as well as banners weapon.

You can set which character or weapon you want. You will definitely get the character or weapon in amount pull that's for sure. For banner construct at 60 times and 30 times for guns.

This set also applies to A Rank and not only S Rank. You don't have to pull many times if you only want A Rank characters or weapons.

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