Sky Wee Tips Using Alucard MLBB, Definitely Win!


You have to pay attention to Sky Wee tips using Alucard MLBB this. Because you can get a definite victory right before your eyes!

Sky Wee is a full time streamer and professional MLBB player. He has over one million followers on Facebook, with a large Southeast Asian audience.

Known as the “King of Fighters”, he excels in a wide variety of high-level fighters, even when they are not in the meta. Recently, he rose to the top two globally using Alucard.

Sky admits that he rarely uses Alucard to play as a hyper carry jungler in the high-rated game Mythic Glory, because he is not easy to excel at the higher ranks.

However, he believes that if you master his playing style, you too will be able to rank up no matter what.

Here are five tips from the man himself to use Alucard properly and correctly

How to Use Alucard Like Sky Wee

Use Assassin Emblems

Using Alucard

You must choose an Assassin Emblem for this hero. In the first row, take Agility for movement speed, then Invasion for Physical Penetration, and finally Killing Spree for bonus health and movement speed.

In Sky's opinion, Emblem assassin, you don't need to change it, because it will suit all situations.

Next, you have to choose the right Battle Spell when using Alucard. Since he was a jungler, Retribution was the best. If you want to play it in the side lane as an offlaner, use Execute to destroy your opponent.

Always Buy Raptor Machete And Blade of Despair

Using Alucard

The six items that you usually get using Alucard are Raptor Machete, Warrior Boots, Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Queen's Wings, and Blade of the Heptaseas.

Raptor Machete is the core for farming in the jungle, and allows for stack damage. Warrior Boots provide extra movement speed and physical defense.

Use Blade of Despair as it provides the highest burst damage in this build, as hitting enemy units below 50 percent HP increases Physical Attack against them.

You also need to buy Endless Battle for lifesteal and True Damage, while Blade of the Heptaseas gives Alucard some extra health, Physical Penetration, and an extra 60 percent Physical Attack damage thanks to his passive.

Finally, for defense, you can get Queen's Wings to reduce incoming damage by 40 percent when your own health is below 40 percent. This item works very well with him because it increases physical lifesteal by 40 percent as well.

Maximizing Second Skill 

Using Alucard

Always maximize the second skill, Whirling Smash, for a lower cooldown. This makes it possible to close the gap more often to engage, or disengage.

The basic combo when using Alucard is 1-3-basic attack-2-basic attack-1-basic attack-3.

Use the first skill, Groundsplitter, to jump, chain with the ultimate, Fission Wave for burst damage. Then do a basic attack, followed by a Whirling Smash for AoE damage.

Key Hero Core In Team Battles

Using Alucard

In the early game, you must focus on securing Turtle and roaming to help your teammates. When the middle of the game arrives, concentrate on vision such as turrets after ganking, and continue farming to extend the gold advantage. You can even invade your opponent's jungle if you manage to kill their core hero.

In the late game, when more team fights occur, zoom in only on core heroes and enemy mages. Using Alucard, you must always focus on marksman and core.

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Combo With Aggressive Hero

Using Alucard

Alucard is generally compatible with all heroes, but the best are those who can manage aggressively. For example, after Yu Zhong takes the initiative, Alucard can dive with his combo burst.

However, be careful of Esmeralda on the enemy team. Alucard couldn't kill him if he kept stacking his shields. In such a situation, you focus on ganking him in the early game, and try to end the game quickly. 

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Even though he is not a meta hero, using Alucard correctly will make you a hyper carry hero in the team.

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