The Most Painful Ruby Build Item in Mobile Legends 2022

Combo Heroes Ruby ML

If you are a user of this beautiful hero, you need to pay attention to the Ruby build item that hurts Mobile Legends 2022 on this page.

Ruby, who looks like Little Red Riding Hood, is one of the most devastating regen heroes in Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, and in the right hands, can't be killed.

With a lifesteal ability that can really bring you back from the brink of death, he can be a very valuable teammate and troublesome for enemy sidelaners. 

In this guide, we will discuss Ruby build items in Mobile Legends so you can get victory.

List of MLBB Ruby Build Items

Ruby has a pretty basic build, and with just a few tweaks here and there, she can customize items to suit her foes. In each build, he must have Endless Battle, Oracle, and Queen's Wings at some point.

These three items are the core of Ruby's playstyle. Endless Battle gives Ruby all-around buffs for ATK, Movement Speed, Mana Regen, and Lifesteal, so it's great to have it in the early game. 

In addition, every time Ruby performs a Basic Attack after casting a skill, she can get Divine Justice, a unique passive from Endless Battle that will deal True Damage on her next Basic Attack.

Queen's Wings gives Ruby Damage Reduction which increases its sustainability, and Oracle to increase its regen ability.

For more details, see the review below for the worst Ruby build in Mobile Legends 2022.

Warrior Boots

Ruby builds

The first Ruby build item is to buy warrior boots. you can choose between Warrior Boots or Tough Boots. The choice depends on the enemy you are facing.

In addition to increasing Movement Speed, using the two shoes will also reduce the Physical Damage or Magical skills of the enemy.

War Ax

Ruby builds
War Ax

This recently released Ruby build item turns out to be suitable for him. because this item will add +45 Physical Attack, +550 HP, and 10 percent Cooldown Reduction.

Unique Passive-Fighting Spirit, the longer fighting with an opponent can increase the hero's Physical Attack by 9 and Physical Penetration by 3 every second for three seconds, up to an aporism of 8 stacks.

Meanwhile marksman/mage/support/ only get 1/2 of the impact stacked. when the stack is full it will increase Movement Speed by 20 percent.

Dominance Ice

Ruby builds
Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is very useful as a Defense to reduce the enemy's Heal and Attack Speed effects. This Ruby build will increase +500 Mana, +70 Physical Defense, +10 percent, Cooldown Reduction and +5 percent and unique Passive Movement Speed-Arctic Cold, Reduce Shield and HP Regen of enemy heroes around 50 percent (not including those affected by “Life Drain“), as well as their Attack Speed by 30 percent. 

Item Dominance Ice (item defense) can be one of the solutions. This item can help reduce Shield and HP regen heroes versus by 50 percent and attack speed versus 30 percent. 

Usually the heroes who will use this item are roamers or tanks and also offlaners. can deliver +500 mana, +70 Physical Defense and +10+ Critical Chance Reduction. As for the passive ski itself, Dominance Ice has two active passives that you can stack with the same items as each other.

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Ruby builds

Because Ruby is a hero who can regenerate HP quickly, Oracle items are perfect for her. This Ruby build item will strengthen the Regen effect and add +850 HP, +42 Magical Defense, and +10 percent Cooldown Reduction.

Milliliter Oracle items are included in the Defense category. As previously explained, this Ruby ml one build item is very useful for increasing HP regeneration in a short time.

Since on-buff, the effectiveness of Oracle ml items is up to 30 percent. Oracle is a defense item that is very suitable for use by heroes using tank or fighter roles.

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So, that's the info about the recommended Ruby Mobile Legends build item. You can follow the Ruby build recommendations above so you can achieve optimal victory. Hopefully this article is useful for you Ruby hero users.

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