The Painful Selena Build Item in Mobile Legends 2022

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As usual, VCGamers will return to share recommendations for Selena's build items that are hurting at Mobile Legends 2022. So, keep watching until the end, bro!

Selena Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an Assassin/Mage type hero. This hero has a good set of Traps, Stuns, AoE damage and shapeshifting skills.

He can do enemy Marksman/Mage one-shots like assassins and side by side we can also use him as a Support in the game; because his abyssal traps give vision all over the map. 

He has 2 forms that have different lethal skills. Not only that, his abyssal arrows can stun enemies for up to 3 seconds.

With all his skills, he is truly a killing machine on the battlefield. The best part is that no one is stopping Selena at the moment. He can be very useful for ganking or to prevent enemy ganking. 

In this guide, we will look at recommendations for Selena's illest build items in ML 2022 to pave the way to victory with her in Mobile Legends.

List of Selena MLBB Build Items

Basically, there are lots of items that you can buy to build Selena. Try to focus on items that give Magic Power, Magic Penetration, and additional Magic Damage to casting skills. 

Here we can see, for a starting item, Demon Shoes is very important. He was running out of mana very fast. This will help you regenerate Mana after killing heroes/minions or assists.

Clock of Destiny

Build Selena

The first item used for building Selena is the Clock of Destiny. Clock of Destiny is a magical element that must be used by him.

Clock of Destiny functions to increase the number of HP and magic power per second, using this element, you are not only killed, but also more difficult to kill. The Clock of Destiny currently sells for a fairly cheap 1950 gold.

Clock of Destiny provides an additional 60 magical power, an additional 615 hp and 600, where. Clock of Destiny also provides a unique passive, namely adding 30 hp and five magic attacks every 30 seconds as well as 5 percent magic attack and 300, where if HP is full.

Demon Shoes

Build Selena
Demon Shoes

The second item used to build Selena is Demon Shoes. Demon Shoes is an item that must be used by any hero.

By using Demon Shoes, where you will survive and will not be easily renewed, besides your movement speed will also increase sharply.

Demon Shoes provide six additional regenerations and carry an additional 40-speed approval attribute, i.e. restoration, which is 4-10 percent by eliminating enemy heroes and minions.

Calamity Reapers

Build Selena

The third item used as Selena's build is the Calamity Reaper. Calamity Reaper is a magical element that can change basic attacks to true damage.

Not only that, Calamity Reaper also provides an additional reduction in reuse time and that the regen is sufficient. Calamity Reaper sold for a fairly cheap 1950 gold.

The Calamity Reaper provides an additional 70 magic power, 100 mana, 6 that regenerates and 10 percent reduces cool down time. Calamity Reaper has a single desire, which is three seconds after using a skill, then the basic attack will give true damage of 120 percent to the opponent.

Holy Crystals

Build Selena
Holy Crystals

Selena's next build is the Holy Crystal. Holy Crystal will make him very damaged. Not only added to the existing magical damage, Holy Crystal only kicks 35 percent damage. After using this item, any hero will die immediately if blocked by it.

Holy Crystal is sold at a fairly expensive price of 2180 gold. This item provides an additional additional liability, namely increasing the magic attack by 21-35 percent, which continues to increase according to the hero level.

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Lightning Truncheon

Build Selena
Lightning Truncheon

The last item for Selena's build is the Lightning Truncheon. Lightning Truncheon is a very deadly magic item.

One of the most specific advantages of Lightning Truncheon is one passive, you are able to deal up to 1000 magic damage to three nearby opponents every six seconds. Lightning Truncheon is sold at a fairly expensive price of 2250 gold.

This item will provide an additional 75,300 magic power, which also reduces the reduction in cooldown time. Lightning Truncheon has an obligation, which is to provide 20-1000 magic damage to three opposing heroes every six seconds.

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Those were the recommended item builds for Selena getting sick in MLBB 2022. The build for Selena above has been tested and proven to be able to make her damage OP in the early and late game, please try it!

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