MLBB's Painful Helcurt Build Item, Get Savage!

Helcurt ML builds

Check this post to find out what Helcurt build items hurt in MLBB. That way you can get savage in the Land Of Dawn.

The once permanently banned hero Helcurt claims his dominance once again in the Land Of Dawn. In patch 1.5.32, Moonton completely removes the silence effect from Helcurt's first skill by giving it a slow effect.

Since he wasn't a good choice as a sidelaner, after the introduction of Jungle Boots, he had to pick up Retribution as a jungler instead of his signature Petrify spell. 

After being a pick on the Assassin list for quite a while, in the latest patch 1.6.50, this hero gets a buff for all of his skills. 

In this Mobile Legends article, we will see Helcurt's sickest build item in MLBB to dominate every game with him.

List of MLBB's Painful Helcurt Build Items 2022

All one needs to do is follow the enemy's choices and then decide on a role on the battlefield. We've prepared the following templates to try as a Helcurt build on the battlefield. 

We provide top recommended builds of Helcurt to support you through different scenarios, you can use the builds we have written below.

Warrior Boots

Build Helcurt

This hero is fragile like all other assassins, Warrior Boots will give him a little defense in the early game.

This item is a movement item that is suitable for those of you who are playing as roamers or observers.

Your movement speed will be very fast if you experience out of combat. However, if you are damaged, your movement speed will decrease by 45 points.

Demon Hunter Sword

Build Helcurt

The next most painful Helcurt build item is the Demon Hunter Sword. His second skill is now considered a stacked basic attack so he can easily trigger the DHS passive.

Using a full stack Deadly Stinger will seriously injure the enemy hero and also DHS provides a sizable lifesteal so he can fight more actively on the battlefield.

War Ax

Build Helcurt

Helcurt's Deadly Stinger is a good resource for easily triggering the War Ax passive stack. It can be said as one of the best items for him to make him useful in the early game too.

Endels Battle

Build Helcurt

A must item for assassins. This item will not deal real damage to the enemy but will also give him mana regen and lifesteal.

To further increase the damage output, you can get Endless Battle to increase various important attributes such as Physical Attack, Max HP, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, and Lifesteal.

But the most important thing you want to get from getting Endless Battle is its Passive effect, which increases its Basic Attack after using a skill.

Malefic Roar

Build Helcurt

If the enemy thought they could be safe by buying armor, Malefic Roar would definitely punish them. This item reduces enemy armor by providing Physical Penetration and also carries a decent amount of Physical Attack.

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Scarlet Phantom

Build Helcurt

By providing a large attack speed, Scarlet Phantom can trigger the War Ax passive in a much shorter time.

Scarlet Phantom also proves to be scary in the late game because you can get more basic attacks in a short time and are always ready with a fully stacked Deadly Stinger to deal explosive damage.

To increase his Attack Speed, you have to choose this item for him. This item offers 30 Physical Attack, 20 percent Attack Speed, and 30 percent Critical Chance.

But that's not all, Scarlet Phantom also has a Passive which increases Attack Speed ​​and Critical Chance every time this assassin does critical damage.

Apart from that, in the late game, replace the boot with Immortality or Blade of Despair, whichever you think is needed according to the game situation.

Berserk Fury or Blade of Heptaseas can be the right choice as a replacement for BOD, even so you have to decide whether to choose these items or not, according to the enemy lineup. You can buy immortality or choose additional attack items as well in the boots area in the late game.

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So, those were the Helcurt build items that hurt you in MLBB that you can use in Land Of Dawn to get savage.

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