Interesting Facts about the First AE vs EVOS Match at MPL ID S13

MPL ID Season 13 First Match: AE vs. EVOS

Finally, MPL ID Season 13 has officially started. What's even more exciting is that the first match immediately presents a Big Match: Alter egos (AE) vs EVOS Glory! For those who didn't have time to see the excitement of this party, let's check out the review below!

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MPL ID Season 13 (S13) First Party

MPL ID S13 Kick-off
MPL ID S13 Kick-off. Source: Official Site

It didn't feel like the first match of MPL ID S13 finally kicked-off and started with the first match day, namely Friday (8/3) which was filled with two matches.

One of the two is a match that brings together two big teams, namely AE and EVOS! You could say that this match has been eagerly awaited by fans of professional MLBB matches.

So why is this match so eagerly awaited? AE and EVOS aren't rivals to teams like El-Classico, right?

So, so that Vicigers understand better, let's look at the following review! So you definitely won't miss any news!

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Big Match Context AE Vs. EVOS

First Game AE Vs. EVOS
First Game AE Vs. EVOS. Source: Official Site

Even though the match between AE and EVOS in the previous seasons was not a match that was much awaited, it was very different this time at S13. Yep, the meeting between the two made quite a lot of curiosity.

The reason is, EVOS this season itself uses a new format. Not only has this white tiger team changed its name from Legend to Glory, but it is also included in their roster lineup, you know!

Indeed, changing players and management is a normal thing to do when the transfer market opens between seasons. However, what has caught the public's attention is EVOS's efforts to completely overhaul its roster lineup!

No half-hearted, even Tazz, who has been a student of EVOS since the MDL (EVOS Icon) phase, was also sold to another team. This step is the result of disappointment from the former M1 champion team's failure to advance to the MPL ID S12 Playoff round.

Suddenly EVOS stakeholders felt that a complete overhaul was "the best way". So, after the MPL ID S13 roster for each team was finally announced, it was officially seen that Tazz was finally bought by AE.

So is it true that overhauling the roster lineup which includes "throwing away" Tazz is the right step? The answer to this question is what Indonesian MLBB fans want to see through today's first match!

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First Match on the First Day & Week of MPL ID S13

Second Game AE Vs. EVOS
Second Game AE Vs. EVOS. Source: Official Site

This match itself started with AE who was present as the home side. So it's not surprising that the venue was filled with El Familia (the name for AE's fanbase).

Using the Best of 3 (BO3) system, each team will be given 3 matches if neither of them succeeds in getting match points.

Win in 15 Minutes

In the first match, it was proven that the AE roster lineup, which had more experience in the premier league, appeared superior. In just under 15 minutes, AE was able to beat back EVOS and secure the score.

Even EVOS Glory couldn't take down at least 1 tower from the AE team! Score 1-0 for Tazz and friends.

Evos is starting to rise

After a break, the second match entered the match point phase. AE only needs 1 more win to return EVOS Glory early.

For the second match, EVOS put up a little resistance by successfully destroying AE's Exp lane tower.

AE Teamfight Domination

However, defeat after defeat in team fights and various blunders have become a heavy burden for EVOS to make a comeback.

As a result, in the 18th minute, AE's efforts to beat EVOS succeeded smoothly. AE won 2-0 without reply.

Tazz Becomes MVP

And what made this match even more exciting was that of the two matches, it was Tazz who carried his team to achieve this brilliant result! This is proven by the jungler securing the MVP title!

It could be said that Tazz was satisfied showing the audience. Because this match proved that the decision to give himself up to another team was one of the biggest mistakes that EVOS management had made.

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So, that was the discussion regarding the first match of MPL ID Season 13: AE vs EVOS. And if you want to top up diamonds or subscribe to Starlight Member MLBB, don't forget, VCGamers Marketplace is the best solution!

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