If There's Chou, Eudora Auto Gets Mental!

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Hola Vicigers! Who here doesn't like Chou's hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Previously we knew for sure that MLBB was games designed for mobile users.

In games there will be 10 players who are divided into 2 teams, each team will compete with their respective heroes.

Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is, you will be with several players in one arena and compete with the same goal.

One of the features provided in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a line-up of heroes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a variety of heroes that are very popular among players.

The heroes are chosen by the players according to their needs while playing, but there are also players who choose certain heroes because they are interested in the appearance of these heroes.

Each hero must have their own strengths and weaknesses, our job as players is to understand the hero we choose so that the game can be effective by using this hero.

Overview of Hero Chou

multi-role heroes
multi-role heroes

First we will discuss about Chou's hero, Chou is a fighter hero who is actually less popular in the Warrior to Grandmaster tiers but he can be very popular in Legend and Mythic.

It takes good cooperation to play Chou's hero because Chou is one of the most violent kidnapping heroes. The players wearing Chou did not hesitate to break through the crowds of enemies.

Apart from that, he will go to the rear of the enemy to kidnap Marksman or Mages who can really disrupt the opposing team's game. This one hero is a hero often used by top players.

The advantage of the first Chou is that he can be immune to CC (Crowd Control) and he has a type of CC (Crowd Control) with an area type and for CC (Crowd Control) single target.

Behind the advantages there are always weaknesses, Chou is no exception, he has a weakness, namely it takes a long time to master it properly and requires the sensitivity of teammates when Chou gives a bait.

Chou is a flexible hero, he can play on the lower lane or the upper lane for early games, and he is suitable side by side with mages, marksmen, and supports, and is not suitable for side by side with tanks because they both have no damage.

Chou's first skill is a passive skill, that is, every time he moves 8 meters, the next basic attack will give 180% damage from the normal total damage and will give a short slow effect.

Skill 1 (Jeet Kune Do), namely, this Chou hero will do 3 forward punches and each punch will deal damage on the first hit it will slow down the target by 60% and will make the target hitknock up will reset skill 2.

Skill 2 (Shunpo), namely, Chou can dash short distances and he will be immune to CC during the dash, reducing the damage Chou receives for 2 seconds, and his attack can penetrate armor to the target by 5 and can stack 2 times.

Skill 3 (Ulti-The Way of Dragon), namely Chou can kick the target and give damage and as a result the target will be thrown, use this skill to throw the target into the air and give damage.

Apart from Chou, there is a hero he can counter, namely Eudora, this hero is a vulnerable mage but has extraordinary damage, he can kill opponents with just one simple combo with him, to get this hero it takes 24,000 BP.

Eudora, a Vulnerable Hero


Eudora is a vulnerable hero because she has thin blood and low mobility, therefore it becomes difficult for her to escape, especially when she is ganked. Here are the strengths and weaknesses possessed by Eudora.

The advantages of the Eudora hero are that he has great damage, he can positively influence other skills, and this Eudora hero is an easy hero to learn or use.

Weaknesses that Eudora has are that she has low mobility, her farm minions and jungle monsters are also very slow, and there is a delay during her ulti so that her opponents often fail.

Eudora's passive skill is a super conductor, that is, when Eudora's skill hits the target, the next skill will add damage or stun duration. The enemy that is usually being hit by this skill has an electric sign above his head.

Skill 1 (Forked Lighting), namely, can damage the area in the specified direction, if the enemy is affected by the Super Conductor effect, the Magic Resistance will be reduced by 15 points, and this will help clean the minions and have quite painful damage for the enemy.

Skill 2 (Electric Arrow), namely, Eudora can attack the enemy with deal damage, electric balls and can stun the target for 0.75 seconds. If your enemy is being affected by the Super Conductor effect, the stun duration will be increased by 0.75 seconds to a total of 1.5 seconds.

Skill 3 (Ulti-Thunderstruck), namely, he can summon a thunderstorm and deal damage to the target, if the enemy is affected by the Super Conductor effect, the damage will increase by 15%.

Chou is a hero who can fight Eudora because a fighter has the advantage of being immune to CC, when Immune Chou is actively eating he can use skill 1 and skill 2 both to attack Eudora.

Chou must use a build tank so he can do CC very freely, items that he can use to withstand damage from Eudora are Antique Cuirass and Immortality.

All of you already know that Chou's hero is a hero who can counter the hero Eudora, what are you waiting for, play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang immediately to feel the sensation of fighting Eudora with Chou, good luck!

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