How to Unlock Locked Items in Sonic Riders PS2

How to open locked items in Sonic Riders PS2 is relatively difficult. You have to complete a number of steps before doing so.
Sonic Riders Lockdown Content
Sonic Riders Lockdown Content. Source: Official Site

How to open locked items in Sonic Riders PS2 can be said to be quite complex. There are so many items that must be grinded so that they can finally be unlocked, starting from characters, gear, to vehicles that can be used.

But for some people, trying their luck one by one is not the wisest and less effective way. Sometimes people prefer to find a fast way by relying on a guide (walkthrough).

So, for those of you who are too lazy to figure out how to open locked items in Sonic Riders PlayStation (PS) 2 one by one, you can really see this one VCGamers News review. After that, you can try it at home right away! Check it out!

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Get to know the game Sonic Riders

Game Sonic Riders
Game Sonic Riders. Source: VCGamers

Sonic Riders is a game that combines the legendary speed of the iconic character Sonic the Hedgehog with the concept of exciting races on the track.

Developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA, the game was first released in 2006.

This game was originally only released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox consoles. However, seeing a fairly positive interest, this game was also released for the desktop platform (Windows) in the same year.

Sonic Riders changes the concept of Sonic games, which usually carry adventure and platforming genres, into a racing genre filled with action and extreme speed elements.

Unlike the traditional racing game, Sonic Riders takes players to the city skyline with a futuristic skateboard called "Extreme Gear".

Players can choose from a variety of familiar Sonic characters, such as Tails, Knuckles, and many more.

Players will be presented with competition between these legendary characters, racing each other using their Extreme Gear, going through tracks that defy the logic of physics, and performing spectacular tricks.

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How to Unlock Locked Items in Sonic Riders

Sonic Riders Main Menu display
Sonic Riders Main Menu display. Source: VCGamers

Now, let's go straight to the main discussion about how to open locked items in Sonic Riders PS 2.

By following this guide, Vicigers can open content that is still locked at the start of the game is played. Here is the exposure:

New Gear in the Shop

By completing the tasks/missions below, you can get:

  • Jet Mission: Wave and Storm, this Gear will be unlocked in Shop: Hang-On, Opa Opa, Super Hang-On, The Crazy
  • Playing this game for 20+ hours: Unlocks E-10000 G for use in non-story races (method 1)
  • Win 100 races: Unlock E-10000 G for use in non-story races (method 2)
  • Played this game for 50+ hours: Unlocks E-10000 R for use in non-story races

Secret Characters (Including Cameos)

Complete the missions below, then you will get a secret character:

  • All Jet, Wave and Storm missions: AiAi, Nights and Ulala
  • All missions in Heroes Story: Big, Vector, Shadow The Hedgehog, and Rouge The Bat
  • All missions in Story Mode: Silver
  • All Babylon Rouges Story missions: Eggman

Unlocks Boards/Scooters/Sneakers

  • Complete Babylon Story: Bike type (various types of boards/scooters), Blue Star II (Sonic's board), Egg-Rider (Dr. Eggman's scooter) and Magic Carpet
  • Complete Hero Story: Darkness and Skate type (Shadow's Sneakers), and Cream The Rabbit


Do/accomplish this to unlock:

  • Get all gold in every mission in mission mode: Chaos Emerald Gear
  • Putting the Chaos Emerald Gear on Sonic: Unlocks Super Sonic
  • Babylon Story Unlock: Complete Heroes Story
  • Win Heroes Cup by getting Gold Emblem: Unlock SEGA Carnival track
  • Win Babylon Cup by getting Gold Emblem: Unlock SEGA Illusion track
Gameplay Sonic Riders
Gameplay Sonic Riders. Source: VCGamers
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So, that was the discussion about how to open locked items in Sonic Riders PS 2. Look forward to discussions about various other game guides only at VCGamers News!

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