How to Push Rank Mobile Legends Without Difficulty

High rank in the Mobile Legends game can be done by pushing rank. The higher the rank you want to achieve, the longer the push rank will be. That means pushing rank in Mobile Legends does require patience. Reaching a push rank to Mytical Glory is, of course, difficult. Various
thing to consider.
Read on for how to push rank in Mobile Legends without the hassle.
Take advantage of Hero Meta Over Power
The way to push rank in Mobile Legends correctly and quickly is to know which heroes are Over Power. Several meta heroes in Mobile
Legends will change in every season. The update is in accordance with the buff and nerf from the developer. Often Moonton will send
notifications in the inbox regarding buffs and nerfs for the latest patches. Just open your inbox for the latest info. Heroes with buffs definitely make it
increase in strength even though it is not conspicuous. For example, players want to push rank in season 15, for that, choose several meta heroes
with OPs. Another trick to checking OP meta heroes is to observe players in action, for example in tournaments. After knowing the hero, players must also learn to master it.
Avoid Playing Solo
Playing a solo game would be too tiring. Various difficulties will be encountered throughout the game. Maybe the player will face the feeder,
beginner gamers, don't understand the map well, and others. Taking part in games with full team formations is also not recommended for big opportunities
will face a full team opponent as well. It is recommended for a trio formation because generally you will not face reliable players. Often only
dealing with jockey players who are easy to beat.
Mastered 2 OP Heroes
The next way to push rank in Mobile Legends is to master 2 OP Heroes. Using OP hero data, use heroes according to the role that is mastered.
For example, mastering tank heroes, then choose a tank hero with at least 2 OP heroes. Avoid playing one role, at least two hero roles. For example
choose a Tank hero and a Fighter hero or a Marksman hero and an Assassin hero. Moreover, if the player likes to play a trio or solo, it is mandatory
play more than one hero role.
Drafting Heroes
Apart from having to master meta OP heroes, players also have to be good at drafting heroes. In the steps for how to push rank in Mobile Legends, players don't
you can be careless when you pick a hero, even more so a banned hero. The fact is that drafting heroes is quite tricky and you have to consider many things so you don't make mistakes in picking or banning heroes. The secret, understand the counter of each hero. For example against Aldous's pick as a powerful hero
late game, but helpless in the early game. So, players must face it using dominant heroes in the early game, for example Lunox or Gusion. Then the next hero can choose the Grock hero with considerable damage in the early game. That means the combination of the Gusion and Grock heroes will result in the Aldous hero being helpless in the early game.
Map reading routine
Map observing skills are an absolute requirement if you want a high rank in Mobile Legends. By regularly reading the map, players will be able to detect the opponent's position and the right time to farm, or when to finish off turtles and lords. How to push rank in Mobile Legends for players who use tank heroes and support heroes must also understand map awareness.
No Words Give Up
Instead in real life, when playing games, never say give up. Instead of giving up, you should play carefully. In the Mobile Legends game everything is possible even though the team's position is not profitable. If you find the best moments, players can win with an epic comeback. Then if a player plays carry, stay away from team fights because if you know the level and gold under the opposing team. Just concentrate on farming while guarded by other heroes. It is also very important to think objectively through push turrets or finish off turtles if there is a chance. Make sure to find the moment then use it for an epic comeback. If there is a teamfight, make sure that it takes place in the turret area, but first deal with the enemy minions. If teamfight occurs in the turret, the possibility of winning will open.
Avoid Playing during Prime Time
Make sure you don't play during busy hours where many players are playing rank Mobile Legends. The exact GM push rank time is 8 – 11 pm. If playing a trio, the chance of winning will be greater at this time. Because the enemies faced will likely be easy
overcome. Then when it comes to push rank Epic is the same as GM because the levels are not that different.
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