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There are several websites that are blocked in a number of places such as schools, campuses, workplaces, or even at cafes where you hang out. However, now there is an easy solution to overcome the problem of blocking sites on the internet, namely by using the BlockAway website.

Actually, there are other sites that provide similar services such as BlackAway, but because recently BlockAway has been widely discussed in cyberspace, we will discuss the free Proxy Server service from BlockAway.

In fact, it is not only blocked locally in one place as we have stated above, but currently several countries and governments within them are blocking websites that are deemed to violate or do not comply with applicable regulations.

BlockAway has been sought after by netizens recently because it can be used easily, even by lay people. This website can help you open pages that you want to open, but are blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or simply blocked at your school/workplace.

Wondering how to use it? Come on, see the complete discussion below!

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What is BlockAway?

blockaway logo
BlockAway logo. Source: BlockAway

BlockAway is a free proxy server website that allows you to access blocked sites easily.

This website works as a proxy, which means BlockAway will forward your request to another server and then display the results of the website you are aiming for.

You can access this service at no cost or free. So, there's no need to bother paying or subscribing.

However, if you want more features such as a display without ads, being able to choose a faster server location, additional CS services, and other premium features, you can try this service from CroxyProxy (BlockAway Developer) on a Premium basis for $3.50/month or around Rp. 56,000,- (not including taxes and other fees) if currently 1$ is the same as Rp. 16,000,-.

Several sources out there say that BlockAway is available as an application for Android and iOS, but when we looked for information on the official website page, we didn't find any information or links to download the application.

With the various benefits offered, this website can be the right choice for users who want to surf the internet freely and without restrictions, but still have to be careful and responsible.

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How to Use a Free Proxy Server

proxy server illustration
Illustration of browsing using a Proxy Server. Source: Freepik

When choosing a proxy server, whether free or paid, make sure you pay attention to several points such as:

  • Capable of high speed data transfer and fast processing;
  • Anonymity and ability to browse blocked websites;
  • Can open sites without damaging the content in them.

BlockAway also gives you several benefits that other free proxy server services don't have, such as unlimited video access on YouTube, other video sites or social networks; choice of European and US proxy servers; no need for complicated browser or operating system configuration; has a proxy link sharing feature with friends.

Can't wait to find out how to use this free proxy server service? Here are some easy steps to use BlockAway to open blocked websites.

Step 1: Turn off Antivirus

If you don't use additional antivirus on your device, this website can actually still open properly. However, if you use an additional antivirus, especially one that is directly integrated with the browser, you should first turn off the antivirus function, because some of them read the BlockAway website as a dangerous page.

However, whether it is dangerous or not depends on how wise you are in opening blocked websites on this service.

Step 2: Open the Site

The first step, open the BlockAway website at This website provides at least 16 languages that you can choose from, but the default language used is still English.

If you want to use Indonesian or another language, all you have to do is click the other language toggle in the top middle.

Step 3: Enter the URL of the Website You Want to Access

On the main page, there is a text field where you can enter the address of the website you want to access. Enter the address of the blocked website and press the “Enter” key or click Go!.

For the record, BlockAway can actually automatically read your destination site, without you having to enter the complete URL, but some cases of "timed out" occur when the URL entered is incomplete, such as without http:// or https:/ / and www.

Step 4: Select Server (Premium Service)

Blockaway provides several servers that you can choose from to access blocked websites. Choose the fastest and most stable server for you. However, the select server feature is currently only available for those of you who subscribe to Premium.

For those of you who access it for free, BlockAway will immediately choose the best server that you can access for free.

Step 5: Access Website

After the steps above, you will be directed to the website you want to access. You can browse the website freely without worrying about being blocked.

You can use bookmarks in your browser to access blocked websites more easily.

What's cool is, you can share your permalink with other people, so your friends/relatives don't need to bother opening BlockAway, just open the link you shared. However, the permalink you share will only be active for three hours, after that you have to regenerate your URL.

Risks of Use

Forbidden site. Source: YouTube.

While BlockAway offers a solution for accessing blocked websites, there are some risks to consider before using it.

Security and Privacy

Blockaway uses a proxy server to divert your internet traffic. This allows third parties to view and manipulate your data, including personal and sensitive information.

Malware and Viruses

Blocked websites often contain malware and viruses that can harm your device.

BlockAway cannot detect and prevent this, so your device is at risk of being infected.

It's best if you pay attention to security while surfing the internet using BlockAway, because no one knows when an unlucky day will happen.

However, to anticipate this, you can use a new browser profile or incognito profile so that your data is at least safer. Avoid websites that ask for suspicious access permissions, such as access to files, location, audio, and others.

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Using BlockAway to access blocked websites may violate internet policies in some countries.

This may result in legal sanctions, such as fines or internet blocking. Make sure you only use this service for useful things, such as looking for leak information about various games on external forums such as Reddit or so on.


Continuous use of BlockAway can make you habitually access blocked websites, which can have a negative impact on productivity and mental health.

If you still have questions about how to use BlockAway or want to find out more about the service, you can visit the BlockAway website or contact their support team.

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As disclaimer, we do not recommend that you access blocked sites, but are just informing you if you really need it. Keep using the internet wisely.

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