How to find out if WA is blocked, automatically get caught!

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There are some users who don't know that yet number WhatsAppit has been blocked by someone. However, it turns out there are a number of ways to find out if WA is blocked, you know!

Indeed, one of the features on WhatsApp is that you can block someone without them knowing.

Anyone who uses WhatsApp has the right to block someone if they feel it is interfering with their life.

So, one of the signs if our WhatsApp is blocked is that we cannot contact each other.

On WhatsApp itself there are no signs that we have been blocked by this person and this is quite confusing for some users.

WhatsApp implements this because it is to protect someone's privacy and WhatsApp will not provide notifications if someone has blocked us.

So, what are the signs if someone has blocked our WhatsApp number?

In this article, we will discuss points on how to find out if WA is blocked without having to chat first!

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How to Know if WA is Blocked

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One Checklist & No Profile (Source: IDN Times)

The following are several ways to find out if someone has blocked WA.

Also pay attention and pay attention to your contact list on Whatsapp, who knows, based on these characteristics, they may have blocked you.

Checklist One

One way you have to do to find out if WA is blocked is to send them a chat.

If you only check one message with them, you should be suspicious if they have also blocked your number on WhatsApp.

However, this also means paying attention to their profile photo, if their profile photo is the default, maybe that is a sign that you have been blocked.

But this method is actually not 100% correct because it could be that the person is off WhatsApp data or is not using a profile photo.

Profile picture

As mentioned previously, this is one way to find out if WA is blocked.

If someone has blocked you, they didn't use a profile photo or used WhatsApp's default profile photo.

Therefore, you can see this one sign. But disclaimer, there are also some users who are not used to using WhatsApp profile photos.

Make a Call

The third way to find out if WA is blocked is to try calling them.

If you make a call to someone it usually says 'Ringing' to them and their WhatsApp is active.

But if it says 'Calling' and there is no profile photo, it's possible they have blocked you or are off WhatsApp.

Last Seen Status

The fourth way to find out if someone has blocked WA is to look at their Last Seen status.

If they don't have a Last Seen status under their name plus no profile photo, it's certain that they have blocked you on WhatsApp.

However, for WhatsApp Last Seen status, there are already settings there. Maybe they also set their Last Seen to 'Nobody', meaning it cannot be seen by other users.

Contact Info

Well, there are also some users who use the contact info on their WhatsApp as additional information.

But, if they don't use the info on WhatsApp, they might also block you.

However, you also have to observe the contact with the characteristics previously mentioned above such as no profile photo, no last seen status and check one if sending a chat so that it is certain that you have been blocked by them.

Invited to Group

One way you can find out if someone has blocked WA is to invite them to a WhatsApp group.

Yes, this is very common if they can be invited to a group. But, if they can't be invited to the group, there are two possibilities.

Namely, regulate who can invite them to the Group on WhatsApp or indeed they have also blocked you.

Whatsapp Status

Checking WhatsApp status is the next way to find out if someone has blocked you on WA.

Actually, this method is not 100% correct, because there are some users who don't like uploading statuses on WhatsApp.

If you want to find out, all you have to do is look at their status on WhatsApp and see if they made it while checking their profile photo, contact info and even the first tick mark in the WhatsApp chat room.

Check via another WhatsApp number

Well, this is the final way to find out someone has blocked you on WA.

If you use two WhatsApp numbers, you can add them first to your contact list, then check the profile photo, contact info and Last Seen status, then chat with them and if you check two, it means they are active on WhatsApp.

But before that, if you first pay attention to the profile photo, contact info and Last Seen status.

If they don't use any of these, it's also possible that they have set it in the settings regarding who can see it.

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How to Avoid WA Being Blocked

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Checklist One on Whatsapp (Source: Lifewire)

So, the method above is to find out if someone has blocked you on WA. The author also has several tips so that your WA is not blocked. Check out the review!

Don't Make People Uncomfortable

One of the first things you have to do to prevent them from blocking you is not to make them uncomfortable being friends with you on WhatsApp.

Examples include chat spam, making spam calls or even uploading sensitive content on WhatsApp.

Actually, these examples are how someone treats us. However, if the person doesn't want to cut off contact or find trouble with you, they could just ignore you on WhatsApp or delete them from your contact list.

However, it is highly recommended not to do the things above or anything that makes the person uncomfortable if they are friends with you on WhatsApp.

Don't Spam

As mentioned, don't spam chat if you don't want to be blocked on WA. This is also one way to anticipate so that it is not blocked.

Don't call them too often, or re-chat on WhatsApp if they don't reply to your chat. It's possible that they are busy so they haven't had time to check WhatsApp.

You can call them or re-chat them later if you are outside working hours or in your free time.

Don't Change Numbers Often

One way to get blocked on WA is to change your number too often.

Actually, each person responds differently, but there are also some of them who, if someone changes their number frequently, will be considered scamming by the person using your name.

Therefore, make sure you don't change your WhatsApp number too often so that people don't think you are a negative person.

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That's the way to find out if WA is blocked. So, have you checked everything and found out who has blocked you?

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