How to track cellphone numbers without an application, really practical!

How to Track a Cell Phone Number Without an Application

Have you ever found yourself with an unknown cellphone number and wanted to know who it belonged to? Maybe you are curious about this number and want to know how to track a cellphone number without an application.

You don't need to worry, we have several practical solutions for tracking numbers MOBILE PHONE without application. Come on, take a look!

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How to Track a Cell Phone Number Without an Application

How to Track a Cell Phone Number Without an Application
WhatsApp Chat Rooms. Source: Envato

If you want to find out unknown numbers, here are several ways to track cell phone numbers without an application that you need to try. Among them:

Using Truecaller Website

how to trace a cell phone number
Truecaller. Source: Truecaller

The first step is to visit the website. Truecaller is an online service that provides information about phone numbers, including their owners. 

You can take advantage of this service without needing to download additional applications. Just enter the cellphone number you want to track, and Truecaller will provide available information about the owner of that number. 

You can even log in using your Google or Microsoft account for more complete results.

  • Visit the site
  • Enter the destination cellphone number.
  • Then “Sign In” with Google or Microsoft.
  • Click “Search” and wait a moment.
  • Truecaller will display the cellphone number data.

Tracking Credibly

Credible Tracking Cell Phone Numbers Without an Application
Credible. Source: Credible

You can also track cell phone numbers without an application by trying the website.

This site is specifically designed to help you verify phone numbers that may be suspicious.

By entering the cellphone number you want to trace, Credible will provide information on whether the number is related to fraudulent activity or not.

This can be a useful tool for checking suspicious numbers before calling them.

  • Go to site
  • Enter the destination cellphone number.
  • Then information regarding the cellphone number will appear.

Track Locations with Google Maps

Google Maps App for Cars
Google Maps. Source: How-To Geek

Google Maps, which is widely used for navigation, can also be used to track the location of cellphone numbers. 

How to track your location using GMaps is relatively easy. You only need a few steps to check the location.

First, open the Google Maps application and make sure you are connected to the internet.  Then, open the 'Option' menu, then select 'Friend List' or 'Friend List'. 

Here, you can add friends with the cellphone number you want to track. If the friend accepts your invitation, you can see their location via Google Maps. 

Please remember, this only works if the friend has given you location permission.

So, don't carry out legal activities to find out your friend's location without their permission!

Help Via Email

Email on cellphone
GMail. Source: VCGamers.

Another way you can try is via email.  If you have access to the email associated with a lost cellphone number, this can be an effective way to regain access. 

You can access via a cellphone or computer. Login with the email address and password associated with the lost cellphone. 

Once logged in, look for options to manage your account or security. Here, you can reset your password and take over your lost account.

To track it, you can use the feature Find My Device via your email that is already open on another device.

How to get the number on the Google search engine 

How to Open Google Singapore
How to get the number on the Google search engine. Source: Google

The next easy way you can check your cellphone number is to use the Google search engine. This step will really help you if the owner of the number has listed his number on one of the websites.

To do this method is quite easy, you can use the area code of the cellphone number you want to search for. For example, code number +62 for Indonesia.

Tracking Numbers with the Sync.Me Site

Sync.Me. Source: Sync.Me

Another way to track the owner of a cellphone number via the internet is to access the site via a browser. How to use it is quite practical, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open the browser, then access the site
  • Then, enter the cellphone number you want to track in the column provided and click the "search" button.
  • Automatically, the site will display the identity registered on the cellphone number.
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That was a way to track a cellphone number without application the most practical. Always remember to use this information wisely and with proper etiquette. 

Only perform tracking when absolutely necessary and always respect other people's privacy. Hopefully these tips help you solve the mystery of unknown cell phone numbers!

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