6 Applications to Download Songs Easily

Song Download Application

Some of us certainly do activities by listening to songs. And to download songs offline, of course you need a song download application.

Currently, there are many online song streaming platforms, both free and premium. 

There will be situations where you don't have an internet connection, but want to listen to songs. 

Well, to deal with this situation you need to stock songs offline. And here are some song download applications.

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Free Music MP3 Player (Download LITE)

Song Download Application
Free Music MP3 Player. Source: Play Store

In this application there are approximately 8 million songs from around the world that you can download. Here you are free to download which songs you like.

With the size of the application that is not too large, it is quite attractive to music lovers. Besides being able to download songs here, you can also listen to streaming music online on the Free Music MP3 Player. 

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Download MP3 Music

Song Download Application
Download MP3 Music. Source: Play Store

The developer of MP3 Music Download is Bayezid Hossain Shaded. Here you can freely download songs that are available for various personal needs. 

That way you don't need to subscribe first, you can directly download songs or access other features. 

Boomplay: Music Downloader

Boomplay: Music Downloader
Boomplay: Music Downloader. Source: Play Store

Boomplay It was first launched in 2016, and since then it has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users. 

You can freely download songs here and there are approximately 100 million songs with various genres and leading artists from within the country and abroad here.

So, by utilizing the Boomplay application, you can freely listen to music online or offline.

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Audiomack: Music Downloader

Audiomack: Music Downloader
Audiomack: Music Downloader. Source: Play Store

If you want to download songs easily and there are no ads in it, then the Audiomack application is the choice.

By paying IDR 72,000 per month, you can enjoy various features in this application.  Songs that have been downloaded will be directly stored in the phone's internal storage. 

MP3 Downloader – Music Player

MP3 Downloader – Music Player
MP3 Downloader – Music Player. Source: Play Store

This application has been released since 2016, and since then MP3 Downloader has become a music download platform to be reckoned with.

Unlike most applications, here you don't need to create an account and can access it right away.

So that the audio quality is better, there is also a super-sophisticated equalizer feature in this application. So that the sound of music played through the application sounds clear and good.

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Free Music Lite

Free Music Lite
Free Music Lite. Source: Play Store

You can download songs for free in the Free Music Lite app. You can download songs for various platforms, starting from PCs, cellphones, or tablets for free without having to subscribe.

Music Lite itself is available in two versions, namely the Pro and Lite versions. For the Lite version, the application is made lighter. Even so, the features are still complete.

So, those are some song download applications that you can use.

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