How to Become a Pro in Roblox Blade Ball ImSoaren Version

Blade Ball

Blade Ball is one of the many rooms available in the game Roblox and is on the rise because many Roblox user accounts are playing it.

Maybe many of us, including Vicigers, have difficulty understanding how to play or win each session of the Blade Ball game in the game Roblox.

Well, we happen to have an interesting article for Vicigers so they can win Blade Ball from Roblox version of Youtuber ImSoaren. Here are some tips.

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Initiate the Fight First

Blade Ball
Initiate the Fight First. Source: Youtube/ImSoaren

In his video, YouTuber ImSoaren says that we have to start or initiate the fight. This is useful for earning points EXP or experience that is useful for increasing our account level as well as practicing mechanics or getting used to our hands to win each session.

The thing that must be avoided while playing Blade Ball is the Camping technique or a technique that is done by waiting for all the players to fight and beat each other until we are left with one other Roblox player.

According to ImSoaren, this should be avoided because even if we can survive until the end of the game, we will have little EXP or experience points or worse, not get any EXP or experience points at all.

Apart from that, we will always end up in second place if we are not used to training our mechanics or hands to fight with other players.

The best way possible Youtubers ImSoaren explained that by standing in the middle of the battle area and letting the ball come towards us, if we can do this, we can also beat the player and get a lot of EXP points or experience.

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Learn the Required Skill Sets

Blade Ball
Learn the Required Skill Sets. Source: Youtube/ImSoaren

Youtuber ImSoaren also said that before we can be good at the Blade Ball game on Roblox, we have to learn two skill sets from the nine skill sets available such as dash, super jump, platform, invisibility, thunder dash, shadow step, force field, raging deflect and telekinesis.

In the video, ImSoaren says that the two skill sets that we can choose to learn can be adapted to our playing style.

We can find out which playing style is dominant in attack, dominant in defense or a mixture of both, namely attack and defense by playing for a long period of time.

However, in the video, he uses two skill sets consisting of block and thunder dash. You can use these two skill sets as initial references if you are still a beginner in Blade Ball on Roblox.

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The third point which is also mentioned in the video is positioning or it could also be called the ability to maintain position and also the distance between us and one or more opposing players.

This ability is important because Blade Ball is a Battle Royale in nature where many groups of players are required to beat each other until one player remains as the winner.

If we don't keep our distance from the opposing player on Blade Ball, what will happen can cause us to be late in reacting to the ball that is coming towards us and can result in defeat.

Playing at close or long distances must be adjusted to the conditions in the game. If we are too close to many opponents at the start of the game, we can play at a distance.

If it is felt that there are enough players, we can play a mixture of short and long distances in order to maintain the tempo and at the same time eliminate the opponent because the opponent is too late to react to the ball coming towards him.

We can also make decisions about whether to play from a distance or from a short distance from the timing that occurs in the game. Timing is something we can see if we are trained enough with many hours of playing that have been passed.

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Those are three tips on how to become a pro Roblox Blade Ball Version of Youtuber ImSoaren that I can give to all Vicigers. These tips are not the main reference for playing. because this article is just one of the various tips available on the Internet.

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