Here Are 10 Hero Dash ML, The Experts Run Away While Dealing Damage!

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Hero dash ML (Mobile Legends) of course it will be very much needed when going to poke against the opponent's hero.

The reason is, the dash skill will be the mainstay card for heroes who poke to repay damage, especially in the early minutes of the match.

Usually, heroes with this skill can deal mediocre damage, but their attacks are continuous. In the mid to late game, of course the damage they produce will be even greater through the effects of the skills and items used.

Besides that, ML dash heroes are also important because they can be "bait" to lure opponents to the team's turret, or for ganking opening attacks.

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This article will discuss 10 ML dash heroes who have special skillsets when using dash. Some of them can even damage opponents while fleeing or retreating to a safer lane.

VCGamers' 10 Most Popular ML Dash Heroes


hero dash ml benedetta
Hero Benedetta

The first ML dash hero is Benedetta, an assassin whose performance fluctuates when pushing rank. The reason is because the build for this hero is quite tricky, so many players are always stuck when using this assassin hero.

Besides the fluctuating performance, almost all of Benedetta's skills have dash and blink effects. Plus, this skill can while dealing damage to opposing heroes.

Ulti hero dash ML Benedetta can slash her opponent while she moves forward. In this situation, Benedetta was immune to various interruptions.

When you hold down her basic attack button, Benedetta will slash forward while blinking slightly. Usually, this trick will be used sequentially with skill 1 which can produce shadows to dash forward and deal damage to the target.

He also has 2 skills that can be used to withstand enemy attacks and counterattack at once. However, you have to be good at timing the use of skill 2.


hero dash ml chou
Hero Chou

In contrast to Benedetta, Chou's hero is an ML dash hero whose abilities are no doubt. He is quite agile even from the early game.

You can choose to use the ultimate skill or skill 2 when you want to move quickly. The author recommends using Chou's ulti to dash while dealing damage to opponents.

The reason is, Chou's ulti can deal successive damage and will become Chou's asset when creating lots of kills. For roaming, you can use 2 Chou skills.

You can spam Chou's 2 Skills to move quickly. If skill 2 hits the opponent, he will get a temporary shield. Not bad right?

Chou's 1st Skill can also be used to surprise the opponent and can immediately proceed with his basic attack. Use this attack combination and continue with skill 2 to escape.

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hero dash ml selena

The next ML dash hero is Selena. Since many players have used heroes with these two modes, there have been many ways to master the gameplay and builds.

The source of Selena's dash skill is her Abyss mode. Most Selena users will definitely "spread catfish" from skills 1 and 2 of their Elf mode and then connect with their ulti skills to change modes.

Skills 1 and 2 of Selena in Abyss mode will all produce solid damage when you manage to collect stack damage through the "catfish" first.

This will also be useful for ambushing opponents or opening ganking attacks. In essence, you have to be diligent in "scattering catfish", approach your opponent and change to Abyss mode and use skills 1 and 2.


hero dash ml guinevere
Hero Guinevere

Guinevere is one of the ML dash heroes who has flexible movements and each of her dash skills can while doing damage to opposing heroes.

The most used from Guinevere is her 2nd skill. Skill 2 Guinevere has two attack models, namely an attack to fly the opponent into the air and a blink attack.

The first 2 skill models will usually be combined with Guinevere's ulti so that the opponent will be continuously damaged while flying in the air. At the same time, Guinevere can also immediately activate her 2 model blink skills to dash while dealing damage.

The passive skill of ML Guinevere's dash hero will strengthen the effect of her blink skill, therefore, many players are trying to spam her 2nd skill so that she can always produce solid magic damage.

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hero dash ml hayabusa
Hero Hayabusa

This ninja hero is a regular ML dash hero who is often used during push ranks. Skill 2 Hayabusa can be used either to deceive opponents or dash.

If you use Hayabusa, then you should be able to master the mechanic skill 2. You must be able to determine the timing of using skill 2 Hayabusa so that you can determine the safest direction for the escape route.

He will create four shadows, and he can blink rapidly at them. The good news is, where the cost of this skill is very low and the cooldown is also fast.

Usually, Hayabusa will be used to poke while spamming his 1st skill after successfully blinking with his 2nd skill. Hayabusa's damage is getting bigger because he can stack damage with his Shadow Mark.


hero dash ml mathilda
Hero Mathilda

As one of the ML dash heroes, Mathilda has good abilities as a support hero and also an assassin.

His dash skills especially appear through skill 2 and Mathilda's ulti. Skill 2 Mathilda can provide shields and bonus speed for teammates who are nearby.

The good news is Mathilda's skill 2 has a very short cooldown as long as she is at the maximum level (15). The bad news is, this skill 2 has a high mana cost, so you have to buy mana-boosting items.

Mathilda's Ulti besides having a dash effect, can also be used to stun the target. When he uses his ulti, he is also immune to interrupting enemy attacks.

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hero dash ml roger
Hero Roger

This ML dash hero has a dash mechanism that is almost similar to Selena. Roger will provide a lot of lightning ambush attacks when he is in his werewolf mode.

Skills 1 and 2 of Roger's werewolf mode are often used to slash opponents affected by skill 1 of his human mode. So, Roger users usually use skill 1 to reduce the target's physical defense, then turn into a werewolf followed by this skill 1 mode.

Skill 2 Roger in both human and werewolf mode can increase his speed. This will be very helpful when he has to rotate quickly or become a ganking opening hero.

ML Roger's ultimate hero dash can also be used to dash while surprising the opponent. Use his ulti when he is in human mode to ambush opponents while turning into a werewolf.


hero dash ml sun
Hero Sun

This ML Sun hero dash has a trick that is almost similar to Hayabusa. He will confuse a lot of opponents with his clones.

You can make a lot of Sun clones with skills 1, 2 and their ulti. Every time Sun makes a clone, he will dash in the direction he is going. The difference is, the clone of skill 1 Sun will be behind him, while the clone of skill 2 Sun will be right in his position when he dashes.

In essence, skills 1 and 2 Sun can create a dash effect and confuse the opponent at the same time. Later, Sun's clones can be used to perform his 3rd skill which has burst damage.

If you just want to summon a clone of Sun, then you can use his special ulti to create a clone of Sun.

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hero dash ml karina
Hero Karina

Karina is one of the ML dash heroes who has quite unique mechanics. His 1st skill can be used to increase his speed and give damage to opponents at the same time.

Karina's 1st skill can also be used to increase her ulti damage. This hero user will use a combination of skill 1 and ulti to attack opponents and move agilely.

Ulti Karina has two phases, the first is to dash towards the target to mark it with a shadow mark. The second phase, press the ulti button again and it will blink to the target where it has marked it.

The movement of ML Karina's dash hero will be more agile and give more damage if you give her speed boosting items as well as magic damage.


hero dash ml fanny
Hero Fanny

The ML dash hero, which is famous for its difficult gameplay, also has good dash skills. The condition is that players must know where Fanny will move using her 2 skills.

Many players spam their skill 2 too often so that Fanny's energy is wasted. However, Fanny's 2 skills can be a powerful weapon when the player can determine the direction.

When you can understand Fanny's gameplay, you can combine skill 2 and her ulti for damage from dash skills. Every time he manages to hit his target while flying in the air, he will get a bonus of 10 energy for one target that is hit while he is flying.

However, you have to be careful when dealing with heroes who have CC, like Tigreal and Franco. If you face these two heroes, direct skill 2 to a safer place.

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The ML hero dash that has been explained above, of course, you have to understand the mechanism first. You see, this dash skill will be useful when it can be used properly, but it will be disastrous if it is always spammed without a clear purpose.

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