WOW! Here's the MOST FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!

Finally, the last gen-1 starter Blastoise has arrived Pokemon Unite, find the best build for this Pokemon only here!

Pokemon Unite fans have been treated to two new characters – Attacker Gardevoir with high damage and Healer tanky Blissey.

Now, the game's first new Defender and the only gen-1 starter not present in Pokemon Unite at launch, Blastoise, has finally arrived. Find out how to max out Blastoise below.

The Most FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!

Best Blastoise Build – Pokemon Unite

WOW! Here's the MOST FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!


When you choose to play as Blastoise, you will actually start the game as Squirtle. You will then evolve into Wartortle at level 5 and finally Blastoise at level 9.

Unique Ability

torrents – When Blastoise is half HP or less, Attack and Sp. Atk increases.

Basic Attack – Becomes an enhanced attack with every third strike, dealing continuous damage and reducing the movement speed of opposing pokemon for a short time when it hits.

Levels 1/3

WOW! Here's the MOST FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!

Water Guns – 9s Cooldown – Attacks with water shots, pushing opposing Pokemon and reducing their movement speed for a short time.

Skull Bash – Cooldown 10 seconds – Hits the opposing Pokemon ferociously and makes it unable to move.

You have to take the Water Gun first because this will make you defeat wild Pokemon faster and level up faster. Skull Bash is also a useful move for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite, but it's better for defending your goals than farming.

Level 5

WOW! Here's the MOST FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!

Hydro Pump – Cooldown 8.5s – Makes the user attack by releasing large amounts of water, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and knocking them out when hit.

Upgrades: Increases the damage dealt by this move.

Water Spout – Cooldown 9s – Sprays water at a specified location, reducing the movement speed of opposing Pokemon in the area of effect for a short time.

Upgrades: Increases the damage dealt by this move.

Both of these moves are good choices for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite, but we recommend opting for the Hydro Pump. This is because it deals high damage and can help you push opposing Pokemon out of your target zone.

Alternatively, the Water Spout could be a good choice if you prefer to have more map control and slow down your opponents before they can reach your area goals.

Level 7

WOW! Here's the MOST FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!

Surf – 12 second cooldown – Makes the user go forward with waves, pushing opposing Pokemon and immobilizing them.

Upgrade: Also provides a shield when this move hits.

Rapid Spin – Cooldown 11s – Makes the user spin quickly, changes the basic attack mechanism and his Hydro Pump and Water Spout movements.

Upgrades: Also reduces the damage the user takes when using this move.

You'll want to choose Surf at level 7 as it is one of the most powerful crowd control moves in the game and can give Blastoise some additional mobility as well.

Rapid Spin can be effective in certain Pokemon Unite situations, but Surf is the better choice for Blastoise here.

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Level 9

WOW! Here's the MOST FIERCE Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Right Now!

Unite Move – Hydro Typhoon – Sprays water to attack while spinning and throws opposing Pokemon over a large area. The user is protected while using this gesture

Hydro Typhoon should be used when you need to KO and throw back your opponent's Pokemon. The best examples of this are to stop your opponent from scoring late in the game or to make sure your team gets Zapdos by dumping your opponent from other Pokemon.

Best Blastoise Item – Pokemon Unite

When you play Blastoise, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite:

Hold Items

  • Buddy Barrier – Unite Move deals Shield to the user and his ally with the lowest HP, equal to a percentage of each other's max HP.
  • Focus Band – When the Pokemon drops to low HP, then every second for three seconds, it recovers 8% of the lost HP.
  • Assault Vest – Get a shield against Sp. Attack when exiting battle. Also increases your HP and Sp Defense.
  • Alternatively, Leftovers and Rocky Helmet are good choices for any character with a lot of health in Pokemon Unite.

Battle Items

Despite its recent nerf, the Eject Button is still great for low mobility Pokemon like Blastoise as it lets you explore the map in a pinch.

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Blastoise Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Blastoise is a master at denying opposing teams goals. Make sure not to stray far from your aim so you can use all of your map control moves to push and throw enemies back.
  • Your lane partner should be a Pokemon that can deal a lot of damage. Blastoise may be good at thwarting goals, but sometimes the damage is lacking.
  • Feel free to keep your distance if possible. It's tempting to get close to a tanky Defender, but Blastoise is most effective when there's some distance between you and your opponent.
  • Use your Unite Move in game changing situations. The Hydro Typhoon is strong enough to stop an entire team from reaching Zapdos or push a lone opposing team away from your destination while waiting for backup.

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