GTA 6 Release Date Revealed, Good News for Fans!

GTA 6 Release Date

The GTA 6 release date is a reference for fans of the GTA 6 game franchise. This is because by knowing the release date, fans can start saving money to buy the game.

GTA itself is a game franchise Open World the biggest and best-selling in the world. The success of the game is supported by various factors. Starting from game features, story elements, exciting missions, varied characters and can also be played together or online.

The latest news from the GTA game itself is the rumor about the GTA 6 release date. Most of the GTA game fans have probably finished and are bored with GTA 5. That's why they want Rockstar to tell when GTA 6 will be released.

However, when was the actual GTA 6 release date that was revealed? VCGamers News will discuss it in this article.

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The Real GTA 6 Release Date

 GTA 6 Release Documents
GTA 6 Release Documents.

Release schedule of game continuations GTA 5 it was once a hot topic among game lovers. Because many game players have been waiting for it.

It is revealed that the GTA 6 game release date is actually still in the dark. However, several people have "accidentally" disclosed the year of GTA 6's release.

One of them is the company Microsoft as the party that accidentally leaked the release year of the GTA 6 game. In a document they sent to the agency Competition & Market Authority (CMA), Microsoft includes the year GTA 6 release which is expected to drop in 2024.

The statement is attached on page 24 in the document. The content of the page extensively mentions their competitor, namely Rockstar Games who have taken over the global market with their GTA and Red Dead Redemption games.

The creation of this document also came with a reason. The document was created to fulfill the requirements as their acquisition project of the Activison-Blizard company.

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GTA 6 Release Date According to Twitter Users

GTA 6 Release Date on Twitter
GTA 6 Release Date on Twitter.

Another news of GTA 6's release date came from a Twitter account named Adrien Perea. The account wrote a tweet saying that GTA 6 will be released in 2025.

Opinions or information conveyed by Twitter users sound reasonable. This is because GTA 6 is a large game project with a production process that will take a lot of time.

Of course, Rockstar Games also needs to implement a number of results from their evaluation of previous GTA games. Thus, the GTA 6 game can later be released with better results than its predecessor games.

However, keep in mind that these are just rumours. So far, Rockstar Games has never mentioned an exact date when the GTA 6 game will be released. They have only announced to the public that the GTA 6 game development process has started in February 2022.

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Cause of GTA 6 Release Date Not Disclosed Rockstar Games

GTA 6 Online Release Date
GTA gameplay.

There are also several reasons why Rockstar Games is reluctant to confirm the release date of GTA 6. Here are the reasons.

The Production Process Takes A Lot Of Time

The GTA 6 game is predicted to be the best-selling game in the future. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the game would take a very long production time. This was done to maintain the quality of the game for the fans.

Sony Intervention

During the GTA 5 game release process, Sony as the owner of the PlayStation console decided to collaborate with Rockstar so that the GTA 5 game could only be enjoyed exclusively on PlayStation. That's the cause that might also happen in GTA 6 later.

Still Focusing on Game Read Dead Series

The Red Dead Redemption game is still one of the prides of Rockstar Games. Considering that this game is a game with high interest throughout 2020.

The presence of the Red Dead Redemption game has divided Rockstar Games' focus. They must maximize their potential in the game Red Dead Redemption first before really focusing on working on GTA 6.

New Maps and Characters

GTA 6 is rumored to be providing a new map. Not only that, after all this time GTA has been around, Rockstar doesn't have a main female character yet. Well, in the GTA 6 game, there are many rumors that argue that the main female character will appear!

Apart from being busy taking care of the development of new female characters, the release will take a long time because there will be new locations or a number of maps that will be present. Later, GTA 6 will not only be located in America, they will also be located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Thus the discussion about the release date of GTA 6 that you need to see. The GTA 6 game will be available on various consoles for you to play while saving to buy it.

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