Ghost of Tsushima, Walk the Way of the Samurai

Ghost of Tsushima is a game for the PS4 console made by Sucker Punch Productions with a classic samurai theme. This game received a warm welcome from gamers around the world because it is still rare for games that take this story as a background. So, just read the following review.

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Narrative Flow

Ghost of Tsushima tells of a samurai from the Sakai clan named Jin Sakai. He has a mission to stem the Mongol army that wants to control his village. The Mongol army was under the control of the ruthless and powerful Khotun Khan. All the samurai from the island of Tsushima had to die defending their village and only Jin and his uncle, who became the leader of Tsushima, were held captive by the Mongol army. Jin begins his adventure to save the village of Tsushima. Jin also decided to become an assassin whose nickname is Ghost.

Ghost of Tsushima offers a very large open world map with a variety of different realms. Every time a player enters an area, of course, he can enjoy a different atmosphere, for example the weather, the change of day and night, variations of plants and animals including other types of enemies. Ghost of Tsushima is so well made that it delivers a very aesthetically pleasing open world setting.

Immersive Exploration with Guiding Wind

Exploration or exploration is the main activity of players in Ghost of Tsushima. The explorations carried out even covered all areas on the island. This game removes the guide menu and replaces it with an exciting menu called Guiding Wind. Using this feature, players can tag locations on the map and then try to find them simply by following the wind. Players can summon the wind at any time to be on the right path. Players have the freedom to determine their own path. Besides the Guiding Wind menu, sometimes players also find birds that can guide them to an unfamiliar location.

Various locations that can be visited, for example villages, fox dens, shrines, hot springs, camps and also a large fort that was captured by the Mongol army. Ghost of Tsushima has succeeded in concocting an open world that is fun to explore. Every time you visit various locations on the map, players will certainly get quite attractive prizes. Ghost of Tsushima presents three kinds of quests consisting of Jin's Journey as the main quest, Tales of Tsushima and Mythic Quest. Each quest provided is really seriously made. So it's not just a bland monotonous fetch quest. Players will encounter various events that will make Jin's exploration even more exciting.

Savage Battle

A game with a samurai theme, Ghost of Tsushima tries to present a combat system by combining realistic elements and flashy action. Each character's attack can produce deadly damage so that blood scatters. So that the combat system can proceed naturally, each time the opponent has a strong defense that can only be broken down if his position is staggered. At that moment a new player can take the opponent's HP and then defeat him.

Game Ghost of Tsushima has also implemented Resolve, which is a round yellow bar above the health bar. Its function is to fulfill HP while issuing special skills. Players can fill in Resolve, the method is to defeat enemies or get deadly attacks. Players can increase Resolve's maximum size by running Bamboo Cutting or upgrading Legend level.

The main Ghost of Tsushima battle uses swords. Jin can utilize four stance formations when wielding a katana. Each stance has its own effectiveness when used against different types of opponents. For example, when facing a Mongolian army with a sword in hand, Jin must activate Stone Stance. Then for opponents with shields it can be conquered using Water Stance. Opponents who use spears can be overcome with Wind Stance. Opponents with large stature can be defeated using Moon Stance.

Various choices of fighting styles or various enemies really make Ghost of Tsushima feel alluring. There's something else that makes it a must try right away, namely the Skill Tree system which is complicated and presents a wider choice of games following the progress that has been achieved. Switching Jin to a Ghost can give players more choices for weapons, such as sticky bombs, kunai, blow pipes, smoke bombs, to supporting equipment such as a Grappling Hook that will make Jin look like a Ninja.

Running the Ghost of Tsushima game from the PlayStation 4 Slim is quite satisfying. Even though there were several incidents, the FPS felt slower when the scene displayed a rainstorm or when displaying particle effects or characters on one screen. But overall, the Ghost of Tsushima game is very fun to play.

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