This is the Gameplay of House Of Ashes, a Challenging Horror Game!

House Of Ashes

House of Ashes is the latest game in the horror anthology series, dark pictures created by Supermassive. The game follows a cast of five characters, American and Iraqi soldiers who investigate a suspected arsenal in Iraq.

More and more details about mysterious circumstances are revealed while playing, which will make you curious and will continue to play this horror game.

Much like previous Dark Picture games, House of Ashes focuses on key decision points and quick time events to determine how the story plays out. 

So, what is the gameplay like from this newest horror game? Please read this article to the end to get the answer.

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Game House Of Ashes

House Of Ashes
House Of Ashes. Source: Youtube.

If you've ever played games horror published by the developer of this game, of course you already know the gameplay which is like an interactive movie that can be played. 

Each of the game stories or stories in it is based on the decisions you make in the game. The entire portion of the gameplay also focuses on the exploration side. 

Because in this game there are many characters that you can play. So, each character will have their own decision that you can make. 

Starting from disputes and debates, you will be given a decision that you must make in the game. So you have to be careful.

Unfortunately, you will be given a very short time. So, you won't be given a long time to think about solving this.

Every character around can also influence their behavior and point of view with the decisions they make. 

Every decision will change every storyline you play. This will give you a very brief glimpse of what might happen the next day.

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Graphic Quality

House Of Ashes
House Of Ashes. Source: Youtube.

We have never complained about the graphic quality of The Dark Pictures anthology games, including House of Ashes. Apart from that, this legend is also available on other consoles such as Playstation 5.

There are some significant differences, especially when compared to the quality options available on next-gen consoles. Many players like the quality of the light given, between light and dark which really suits the shade they have.

Small details on each character, for example details on the eyes where we can see the blood vessels or what make-up is used for anything.

One of the biggest differences this system brings is the idea that the camera is no longer fixed, so players can freely control parts of the game to make more in-depth analysis.

This was a change that players appreciated, as all of Supermassive's previous horror games had a similar gameplay concept and started to feel real.

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