Fischl Leaks and Diluc Skin Genshin Impact 2022

Fisch and Diluc Skin 2022

Leaks from Genshin Impact are getting crowded and up to date. Genshin Impact will provide the latest Fischl and Diluc skins.

Player community Genshin Impact previously crowded because of various leaks out and finally confirmed by miHoYo.

Just say it leaks regarding Kamisato Ayato, the character hydro new ones drip image leaked 2 hours before its official release.

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Genshin Impact previously released skins or called by games Genshin Outfit – Teyvat Styles.

There have been 4 characters who got the skins Ningguang, Keqing, Jean, and Barbara whose release was confirmed later teaser videos. Teaser about skins You can see Ningguang and Keqing here:

Skins That Have Been Released by Genshin Impact

Since the release games RPGs open world it's 2020 globally, Genshin Impact has never stopped releasing characters.

Almost every updates Genshin Impact releases 1 to 2 new characters. It is quite unique in comparison games others release 2 to 3 characters annually.

Throughout the one year and three months since games released, starting from Genshin Impact, it has a total of 45 characters with 22 5 stars and 23 4 stars.

Genshin Impact has just started releasing skins for its characters since patch updates 1.4 in June 2021.

Jean and Barbara were selected to win skins summer themed. release skins in conjunction with events involving special islands limited Golden Apple Archipelago.

Updates 2.4 which will soon be replaced with updates 2.5 released skins for Keqing and Ningguang. release skins with the blue formal dress theme at the same time events Second Lantern Rite – Fleeting Colors in Flights – .

Leaks about Fischl and Diluc skins this makes the two characters the fifth and sixth characters to gain skins.

Fischl and Diluc Skin

A recent post on a Chinese forum gave a leak regarding Fischl and Diluc skins which will be released by Genshin Impact.

Post from a famous leaker who used to be called Uncle DD suggested that skins The next one that will be released is intended for original characters that already exist from patch updates 1.0.

Uncle DD explains next two characters got skins is Diluc for 5 stars and Fischl for 4 stars.

Diluc and Fischl will accept skins new at patch updates future but not in the near future like patches 2.5 or patches 2.6

Leaks about skins for Diluc is said to be familiar with design for Genshin Impact's collaboration with KFC China.

Genshin Impact previously collaborated with KFC in 2021. Diluc and Noelle were chosen to be models as part of a promotion with KFC. Both are shown wearing waiter clothes with KFC's distinctive colors.

Diluc skin is similar to a KFC collaboration

Uncle DD (Uncle DD) confirmed that the design for skins Diluc will be similar to previous KFC designs but will not be the same.

On post from Uncle DD also continues that Noelle will not get skins like Diluc. Fischl will accompany Diluc to get skins in updates next.

Diluc skin and Fischl Skin 2022

Explanation about skins for Fischl it has not been explained with certainty considering that Uncle DD discussed more about skins Diluc. However leaks this can be trusted because it was leaked by leaker which is confirmed to have leaked updates appropriate.

leakers for skins the latest for Diluc and Fischl previously also leaked about skins previously.

Before release updates 2.4, Uncle DD leaked about skins for Keqing and Ningguang before finally being confirmed by Genshin Impact.

Updates 2.4 Genshin Impact which will be finished this week and patch updates 2.5, Genshin Impact players are increasingly made to continue playing with variety updates about stories and events new like never before. Added leaks regarding Fischl and Diluc skins this also makes players even more interested.

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Version 2.5 Genshin Impact recently released Yae Miko as character banners for patches previously. Rerun banner Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi will also be making a comeback updates future.

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