Full Explanation of Affinity ML, Note This!

ML affinity

Mobile Legends or ML has various unique features, one of which is the Affinity feature. This feature has its own function and relates to you as a player with other players.

This time, VCGamers will thoroughly discuss the Affinity features that you can use in Mobile Legends. Curious what the contents of this feature? Let's see below!

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What is Mobile Legends (ML) Affinity?

ML Affinity Explanation
ML Affinity Explanation. Source: VCGamers

The Affinity feature in the Mobile Legends game is the relationship status between players which can be displayed with various symbols.

Each symbol has its own meaning and indicates the relationship status between players. In the ML Affinity feature, you can add friends to build affinity status.

Affinity status between players who have built familiarity will appear when loading into games. The symbol displayed has its own meaning regarding the closeness of the relationship between each player.

If you have friends who join the ML Affinity feature, then you can send gifts available in the feature menu.

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Affinity Types in ML

ML Affinity Types
ML Affinity Types. Source: VCGamers

There are four types of Affinity features that you can take advantage of according to your relationship with other players.

First, Mobile Legends provides a Couple type. You can use this type only for one other player. As the name suggests, namely Couples, you can only send Affinity requests to one player.

Second, there is a type called Bros. Unlike Couple, you can add up to 4 people at once.

Third, there are besties or friends. Slots of the Besties type are the same as Bros slots, namely up to 4 people. So, you can add 4 other players to become friends.

Finally, there are Confidants which means trusted people. Unlike the previous three types, Confidants has slots for up to 5 people.

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How to Get Affinity

Gift example
Gift example. Source: VCGamers

After knowing a little about what the Affinity feature is and its types in Mobile Legends, maybe you are interested in building relationships with friends in the game.

There are ways you can build affinity and relationships between players. First, you can play ranked mode with affinity friends so get points up to +6.

Second, you can also complete Classic mode with friends and get up to +3 points. Apart from Ranked and Classic modes, you can also complete other modes with friends but it will only add +2 points.

Lastly, you can also exchange gifts with each other. The exchange of gifts will provide intimacy up to 10% of the value of the gifts you give.

In conclusion, you can add affinity points by playing with friends that you have activated affinity for. If you want to get points faster, then you and your friends can play Ranked mode continuously.

Apart from playing Ranked mode continuously, you and your friends can also exchange gifts to get affinity points faster.

How to use

ML Affinity List
ML Friends List. Source: VCGamers

Perhaps this section is the most sought-after section for some Mobile Legends players who want to know how to use the Affinity feature.

For those of you who haven't fully used the Affinity feature in the Mobile Legends game, don't worry! Following are the steps or methods you can follow to invite other players as Affinity friends:

  1. Enter the Mobile Legends Main Menu
  2. Select Profiles
  3. Select the Social menu
  4. The Affinity and Mentor Info menu will appear, select Affinity
  5. Tap the arrow logo to add players to the Affinity feature
  6. Select the player you want to add and tap the heart or Love icon
  7. Select the Affinity type and confirm
  8. Done

After sending an Affinity type request, all you have to do is wait to see if the other player accepts or rejects the request.

Thus the discussion regarding Affinity in Mobile Legends or ML games, I hope this is useful!

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