5 Safe Places to Push Rank in Miramar PUBG 2022

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Push rank in Miramar seems quite difficult for some players who are still beginners. However, we already have 5 safe places to push rank in Miramar PUBG 2022.

Miramar is the biggest desert map in PUBG Mobile. Popular for its unique geography and intense combat dominated by player sniping, this map serves as a popular map for push ranks.

Since push rank requires players to last a long time, they try to avoid getting out early from the match.

While the main cities in Miramar mostly act as hot-drops which are unsuitable for push ranks in Miramar, some cities offer great loot but are still not popular as drop locations. Create a push rank, you can descend into these cities to survive longer.

List of Safe Places To Push Rank in Miramar 2022

Campo Militar

Push Rank in Miramar

Campo Militar is one of the safest places to push rank in Miramar which has very good loot.

However, since it is located in the northeastern corner of the map, most users avoid sliding into the area. Therefore, you can safely enter the site and collect Level 3 helmet and vest loot.

Minas Generales

Push Rank in Miramar

Minas Generales is located east of the Hacienda del Patron. Even though the area witnessed the PUBG esports team descending on the area to collect loot, in a classic match, Minas Generales didn't see many gamers falling around him.

This is mainly due to the compounds that are scattered in the area. However, you can quickly descend on the location and safely collect the starting loot for a push rank in Miramar.



Push Rank in Miramar

Ruins were added to Miramar in version 2.0 of the map. Even though it is located in the northwestern corner of the map, this city has a lot of good loot for push ranks in Miramar.

Also, the lack of players sliding into the Ruins can help you land in those areas, get lots of loot, and advance into matches without fear of getting caught up in the initial fight.

Monte Nuevo

Push Rank in Miramar

Previously on PUBG Mobile, Monte Nuevo used to entertain lots of early fights as many users preferred to get down to town.

However, here the scenario completely changed as the town hardly ever saw gamers dropping by. Therefore, you can drop into town and loot safely for a push rank in Miramar.

The loot here is average at best, but if you're alone you should get out safely. While it's tempting to head to the highlands which have some large warehouses, the loot there is actually limited, so starting on the lower side of a town is usually a better option.

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Tierra Bronca

Push Rank in Miramar

Tierra Bronca is located west of Cruz del Valle. Although the latter is a popular landing site, the former remains visitorless for most of the match.

As a result, cities can act as safe drop off locations for you to push rank in Miramar PUBG 2022.

There are more than a few loot appearing on the floor. This is probably the safest location on the list, and really should be used to push ranks in Miramar.

As we know that Miramar is the first map added to PUBG, an arid desert map that proves to be quite tough for those who don't know the nuances and complicated elements.

The long line-of-sight and lack of cover make it a difficult arena for newcomers, but the locations above can let you survive the harsh terrain. 

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Thus our info regarding a safe location to push rank at Miramar PUBG 2022. You can go down to that location without being afraid to go to the lobby early. If Vicigers friends have their own safe location, let us know in the comments!

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