Rockstar Make Sure They're Working on GTA 6, Released This Year?


The wait of approximately 8 years is finally coming to an end. Rockstar has announced the game GTA 6 will be released in the near future. Of course true gamers are looking forward to the best open world game ever.

GTA 6 will definitely come with lots of new features that you can use. However, there are some rumors that you should be aware of in the game that is currently under development.

This game certainly presents interesting graphics and storyline. We are definitely waiting for this because since 8 years GTA V is still being played by many players.

Want to find out more about this Sixth GTA Series game. Come on, find out more about the article below.

New Character


After we saw the heroic actions of the GTA V trio, namely Franklin, Michael and Trevor, of course by looking at GTA 6 it will be released soon. Maybe we will wonder who will be behind the protagonist.

This open world game that depicts the anxiety of citizens from America is definitely waiting for it. Who is suitable to replace the GTA V trio. Reportedly for the release of GTA VI, the main character will be played by a woman. We will wait for a breakthrough from Rockstar, which will definitely shock the world of gaming around the world.

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GTA 6 Online


Enjoying GTA Online frequently for years, It feels clear that GTA 6 needs to autoconnect to become GTA Online because it is enjoyed by players around the world.

The connection that is possible at this time is definitely one of the attractions if the game can go online. Creativity and missions built will certainly be more varied than the usual GTA.

We also don't forget that we interact more with new friends and chat with new people virtually considering that it is certainly still common for some players to socialize in In-game.

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Interesting Storyline

The storyline that is presented is definitely more interesting. Looks like Rockstar will also take a new breakthrough. The storylines of the GTA series may not be in sync with each other. However, the characters, settings and similarities of the game genre are very real and good.

GTA 6 certainly provides several missions and conflicts that players can choose from. Player can determine what they will determine for themselves. This is definitely the same as GTA V but we don't know more about the advanced version yet.

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More custom

The rumors circulating about GTA VI are that we as players can do more custom than the previous series. Among them we can modify vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. Currently, we can also do custom apartments or houses.

This will definitely be very interesting for players. Because this is a very new breakthrough. Considering that the GTA game is synonymous with anarchism, this does not reduce the creativity of the players.

So that more players can explore and show their crazy actions in this one game.

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Narrower Map

GTA Open World

The hallmark of Grand Theft Auto is the Open World with a very wide and large map. This has plus and minus points. From the plus point, maybe we can explore more and see open maps with good image quality. Then for the minus point maybe we eat up more memory and a large map that takes quite a long time to explore.

But this is certainly very enjoyable for some players. Which team are you, a wide or narrow map?

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GTA 6 Release Date

It's pretty clear at this stage that GTA 6 will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X release, especially considering GTA 5's impending post-next-gen for consoles and PC. However, the PC Port of GTA 6 to be released at the same time as its console counterparts is not that easy.

GTA 5 and GTA 4 are finally coming to PC, so you'd expect a GTA 6 PC port to happen too. It probably won't launch simultaneously, but the little modifications and extra development time have paid off so far, so hopefully PC fans are willing to wait a little more.

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